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Telarus Tuesday Call: Mercuricall New Supplier Launch

March 18, 2022

The March 15th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Chris Shaw, President North America & Director, and Malcolm Flawith, VP of Client Services, from Mercuricall. Mercuricall is a brand-new supplier with Telarus and discussed the offerings that Mercuricall has for the Telarus Partners.  The entire recording is available here.  

About Mercuricall 

With thought leadership and years of corporate experience, their executive team guides Mercuricall to deliver a unique platform partnership model that supports increasing revenues and margins and reduces costs for their clients. They succeed only when their customers do.  

Mercuricall Overview 

Mercuricall was built and designed to listen to clients and address their needs.  To understand what a team was and what they wanted out of a CCaaS solution.  Mercuricall has a team of architects with over 27 years of experience and expertise to build this solution.   

Mercuricall offers the most robust true Cloud-native and complete omnichannel solutions that are also feature-rich, allowing Mercuricall to give clients and partners the product they truly want.   

Key Differentiators 

  • Pedigree of 27 years of experience. 
  • Design of contact centers and products 
  • 100% Cloud-native 
  • Full Omnichannel 
  • Designed for business agility and deployability 
  • White label 
  • Designed for cost control and choice for customers 

Case Study 

Mercuricall discussed a case study involving a company being struck by covid-19. Mercuricall stepped in with a CCaaS solution that allowed the company to reduce costs and integrate with its existing Contact Center.  They also introduced digital agents that became a significant factor in that customer’s success.  

Mercuricall Launch Training 

For specialized training that dives deeper into Mercuricall, please watch their launch webinar in your back office.  The recording of the Webinar Training is also available here.  

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.  

To learn more about Mercuricall, visit