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Sangoma Corporate Overview

January 13, 2023

The January 10th, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Joe Galluzzi, National Account Manager, Sangoma.  Joe Galluzzi from Sangoma presented a Sangoma Corporate overview, product overview, and what differentiates Sangoma from other suppliers in their space. The entire recording can be viewed here.

About Sangoma

Sangoma is a leading global Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider empowering businesses of all sizes to connect to the people and processes that matter. They are a rapidly growing, profitable, customer-centric company with an installed base of over 2.5 million UC seats. Sangoma has been recognized as a trusted leader in the communications industry and offers a stable, global presence and diverse portfolio of solutions, services, and support.

Who is Sangoma 

Sangoma is a leading global Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider that empowers businesses of all sizes to connect to the people and processes that matter. Since 1984, Sangoma has been recognized as a trusted leader in the communications industry and continues to offer a stable, global presence, future-forward vision, and diverse portfolio of solutions, services, and support. Everything works together seamlessly.

Only Sangoma provides a complete solution, all designed/built by Sangoma, including cloud services, switch, endpoints, connectivity, trunks, and more.

Sangoma will not force you to choose between on-prem or cloud. Get the platform that works best for you.Differentiated by Completeness of Solution PortfolioOffering The Industry’s Only Complete Product Portfolio Cross-Functional Automation Example. 

  • Most vendors do not have a complete portfolio, and the few that do, get part of their suite from others.
  • Complete portfolio addressing every customer size from SOHO/SMB to Enterprise
  • Complete suite including voice, video, collaboration, conferencing, desktop and mobile clients, CRM integration, auto-attendant, SMS, find me/follow me, employee alerts…
  • Pre-provisioned phones are shipped directly to your customers – plug and play.
  • Business Voice and Business Voice+ products for medium to large enterprises
  • Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for UCaaS, Worldwide for seven years running
  • Multi-tenant architecture, HIPAA compliant, Microsoft Teams integration
  • Switchvox for on-premises customers
  • More than 50% of the market still uses on-prem systems
  • On-prem Switchvox customers can leverage the same seamless user experience with fully integrated phones and upgrade to the cloud whenever they’re ready

Product Portfolio: Our Managed Services Suite

Why NetFortris / Sangoma for MSP?

IT that just works

  • Technology isn’t your customers’ core business, but it is ours
  • We specialize in cloud communications, networking, and security
  • Single source for quoting, invoices, shipments, commissions, and tech support with our MSP services
  • Our nationwide PCI-certified compliant network
  • Infrastructure oversight round the clock
  • Enterprise-grade managed services
  • Ubiquitous connectivity with monitoring and proactive management

 MSP Suite: 3 Productized Services 

Managed Security
OUR cloud service provides robust/managed/monitored firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions to protect businesses from unwanted and malicious traffic., with intrusion prevention and detection. This is NOT a ‘box’ on the customers’ site, but a fully monitored network service that Sangoma manages!  And security is a scorching field.  Customers fear attacks/security breaches, so they are desperate for advice/solutions.

Managed Network Access
They fully managed, sophisticated solutions to provide Internet Access (connectivity) to a business.  Especially a fit when the customer has ‘nontrivial’ needs.  E.g., If they have one small office, and any old ISP can serve them, maybe not our fit. But if they have multiple sites in various jurisdictions, not all of which can be done by any single ISP, some might be challenging locations; then we are THE answer. And integrated with managed security & SDWAN.

Managed SD-WAN
Utilize multiple internet connections from various providers, aggregate bandwidth, ensure uptime if one carrier goes down, traffic shaping to prioritize certain types of traffic or users, and leverage affordable broadband connections to create an inexpensive ‘single pipe.’ All are fully managed by us and integrated with Access/Security.

MSP Suite: Managed Network Access 

  • Mix and match access types to meet varying needs by location
  • Supported by Nationwide PCI-Certified Network
  • Unified Billing Across Locations
  • Sangoma Provides network monitoring, analytics, backup
    • Up/Down Circuit Monitoring & Alerting included on all circuits
    • Multiple Access & Bandwidth Methods
    • Metered & Unmetered 4G Wireless Plans (5G coming soon!)
  • 24/7/365 Support & Maintenance
  • Easily Service-chain Managed Security and SD-WAN services

MSP Suite: Managed Network Security 

  • Sangoma Total Control Firewall is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) service that analyzes and protects all traffic coming into the customer’s environment.
  • UTM is a collection of functions that capture threats at various stages of infiltration. This suite of tools protects customers against attacks and losses from spam, viruses, ransomware, botnets, etc.
  • As a fully managed service, profiles and protection policies are established and managed by Sangoma experts, architected, and overseen by our Chief Information Security Officer. Guidelines can be shared and distributed across the entire enterprise.
  • Supported by a nationwide PCI-certified and HIPAA-compliant network

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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