Unified Communications

UCaaS Tuesday Call(1-26)

February 24, 2021

The January 26th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed back Telarus co-founder and chief product officer, Patrick Oborn with the third of seven product and supplier inside calls. The special guest for this call was Telarus VP of business development -UCaaS, Shane Speakman, to discuss 2020 review, Gartner Magic Quadrant, key factors in selecting a vendor, collaborative communications, UCaaS key differentiators, and upcoming educational and certification opportunities. The entire recording is available here.


UCaaS 2020 Year in Review:

At Telarus, our partner participation went up 80%, the total number of orders increased 126%, and our MRC increased 85%. These significant percentages of increase all took place during a pandemic.  During this time, Telarus also added new unified communications suppliers for 2020, including Everbridge, Prodoscore, UJET, Edify, Zoom, Avaya, and more.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS:

The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant breaks up into four categories: challengers, niche players, visionaries, and leaders. As you can see, some of our very own suppliers are listed in the 2020 quadrant. It is important to understand the quadrant when looking for the right supplier and how they can fit your business needs. As mentioned in the previous Tuesday Call, sometimes a customer might not need a leader; they need a challenger who is up and coming who is willing to build and grow with them.

Key Factors in Selecting a UCaaS Vendor:

There are fourteen key factors that are important to consider when figuring out which UCaaS vendor works for your business’s needs.

  1. Video Conferencing Capability
  2. Teams
  3. Contact Center Functionality
  4. APIs (Clouds talking to other Clouds)
  5. Contact Center Platform Integration
  6. SMS Capability (Ability to interact with Millennials)
  7. Physical Path of traffic (International)
  8. Overseas Deployment Capability
  9. International Call Volume
  10. White-Glove Installation (On-site vs. Drop-Ship)
  11. Call Volume / Call Duration
  12. Built-in CRM
  13. Term / Commitment
  14. Brand Recognition / Provider financials

Collaborative Communications:

This diagram explains both employee and customer engagement. Telarus loves these tools and uses them all day, every day, and would not communicate effectively without an excellent messaging platform and video platform. Telarus engages with their customers daily, and it is vital to track how that engagement looks.

If you want to learn more about RingCentral visit, www.ringcentral.com


UCaaS Key Differentiators:

You should be aware of major differentiators when finding which UCaaS supplier works for you. There are free, and then there are paid-for features, make sure to research what each supplier offers. Another is integrations and making Clouds “talk” to each other. Are they able to integrate with and support other platforms? The overall customer experience should be a top priority for all suppliers. Lastly, see what types of add-ons they are offering, this can include transcription, social media plug-ins, and more.


Upcoming Educational & Certification Opportunities: 

Upcoming Telarus Unified Communications Academy dates:

April 19 – 21, Dallas, TX.

June 14 – 16, Scottsdale, AZ.

September 20 – 22, New Jersey.

October 6 – 8, Jacksonville, FL.

November 8 – 10, Orange County, CA.

November 15 – 17, Chicago, Il.


Upcoming Telarus Unified Communications Pit Stop dates:

The calendar can be found on our website.

February 23rd.

March 2nd.

April 6th and 7th for the UK.

May 5th, 12th, 25th, and 26th.

July 7th.

August 26th.

October 21st and 28th.