Key Takeaways from AWS re:Invent

December 9, 2021

Amazon Web Services held its annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, from November 29th to December 3rd. As the VP of Advanced Solutions for Cloud, I was in attendance and wanted to provide some observations and highlights from the event.

AWS re:Invent celebrated their 10-year mark at the in-person event that featured keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to 1,500+ technical sessions, the vendor Expo, after-hours events, along with much more. The main highlights of the conference came new product and service updates in Cloud computing, IoT, and Cybersecurity.

As I walked the expo floor, it was great to see the vendor exhibits that showcase new and emerging technologies. One key takeaway is how much the reach in technology for partners has expanded in what can be offered to your customers. Either directly with our portfolio of suppliers or through the supplier’s partnerships, there is access to more products and services than ever before. I attended multiple training sessions, and not surprisingly, Security was at the forefront of numerous discussions. Preparing customers to protect their critical assets and be aware of the dangers that exist continues to be top of mind as we head into 2022.

The Cloud continues to evolve, with new services and features being announced, AWS continues to make the Cloud more agile and faster than ever. There were many excellent presentations, training sessions, and product announcements. Three big product highlights caught my attention the most –

1) Compute
AWS announced Graviton3 and C7g, which are new arm-based processors. AWS promises that these processors will deliver a 25% faster speed and 2x faster processing for scientific and crypto workloads. Also, they will use 60% less energy with Machine Learning processing that is 3x quicker. The processor includes a new pointer authentication feature designed to improve Security as part of the service offering.

2) AWS Mainframe Modernization
AWS is offering a new unique platform for mainframe and modernization. Not only is this platform quicker, but it is also easier to move older mainframes and applications to AWS. It delivers resiliency, elasticity, managed Security, and cost-efficiency to the users, which allows the company to focus on updating and growing its business. Customers can customize their migration path by choosing either automated refactoring or re-platforming. This customization allows them to tailor their migration strategy to fit their needs.

Many of the larger deals Telarus partners have won in the last 18 months have been around mainframe migrations to the Cloud. AWS has made a big splash with the announcement of this service and will need to be considered in mainframe migration projects moving forward. We have key suppliers that will migrate, manage, and support this new offering if the opportunity calls for it.

3) 5G Cellular Network
The final highlight was the AWS Private 5g network. The arrival of 5G impacts how you get to the Cloud, and AWS is making it easier to deploy a private network utilizing Private 5G. This new service helps businesses set up and scale their 5G private networks within days. This is a huge time improvement as this process consisted of long-range planning, procurement of services, and SIMs, and it could take anywhere from weeks to months previously. The goal with this service is to be quick and easy for customers to deploy as drawn-out scaling is outdated, and you can now run your smart manufacturing plant with connected IoT devices. This is a major step to add speed and agility for customers in deploying 5G networks.

As I have said numerous times at Telarus training and education events, it is always a great conversation starter when your customers are interested in migrating to AWS or have already migrated. AWS continues to evolve its offerings and creates an opportunity to continually optimize an existing environment or become part of a digital transformation project strategy. Either way, these are conversations that you should be having with your customers and our team of Sales Engineers and Solution Architects. As always, the team here at Telarus is here to help as you navigate these topics with your clients.

You can find more information about the conference and content at this website.

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