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The Bridge to Cisco Webex

September 10, 2021

The September 7th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Derrick Leavitt, Partner Sales Manager, from Veracity Networks. Join us as we dive into the complete suite of Cisco Webex! It’s more than just the video conferencing tool you have known in the past. Cisco Webex is a complete collaboration platform where you can communicate, build better relationships, and solve business challenges. It’s got all the team collaboration tools you need to keep work moving forward. To complete the Webex suite, Cisco offers an omni-channel predictive analytic Contact Center. Learn how your customer can transform their contact center into a strategic asset. The entire recording is available here.

About Veracity

Veracity’s fundamental objective is to support customers with products and services to increase their productivity and efficiency. They combine different products and capabilities to create a custom telecom solution for each client.

Cisco’s Cloud Contact Center Partner of the Year – Cisco Cloud Suite of Products

Contact Center

Transform your contact center into a strategic asset. Webex Contact Center utilizes omni-channel predictive analytics to connect your customers with the best available agent while lowering operational costs and improving customer service.

Cloud Calling

Engage your customers and workforce from anywhere on any device. Webex Calling and Video Conferencing provide all the benefits of a traditional phone system without the complexity of managing and securing it.

Meetings & Messages

Whether on the go, at a desk, or together, Webex Meetings and Messages help communication, builds better relationships, and solve business challenges. It has all the team collaboration tools you need to keep work moving forward.

Veracity: Cisco’s Bridge to the Cloud

Veracity is one of seven service providers that can provide the PSTN (local and long-distance calling), software licensing, number portability (local and toll-free), international carrier capability, and ongoing service and support. Because of this, Veracity has a customer on every continent utilizing Webex Calling and Contact Center.

Most of Cisco’s existing vars and partners don’t have the PSTN that Veracity does, which is why they are the bridge to the cloud.

The Easy Button

Veracity has the experience and expertise to help you with Cisco Webex. They can run the deal Cradle-to-Grave, procure the licenses from Cisco, and provide the PSTN connectivity to the customer, which is a single bill and single-vendor approach. Veracity has been helping customers move from on-prem to the cloud for 21 years, so they have a proven sales cycle model for customer success.

Veracity Difference

Free Day-to-Day Support

Veracity helps with everyday tasks such as activating licenses, updating call flows, reporting and analytics, changing a number of users, will help navigate admin portals, and much more for no additional cost.

Contact Center Support with Custom Reports

Included in the monthly charge for each license, we offer free support for all agents and supervisors. In addition to that support, they provide services to help optimize Call Center.

You Break It, They Fix It

Veracity understands that sometimes call flows are disconnected, or user licenses break. Whatever the issue is, even if you caused it, they would resolve it at no additional charge.

Supporting PSTN

Veracity will resolve any problems caused by their PSTN connections. They are a CLEC and have complete control over the porting process and alleviate any middleman.

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