Unified Communications

The Way We Work Has Changed Forever

December 29, 2020

The December 15th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed RingCentral national partner success manager, Pat Wright, and sale engineer, Ken Blanc, to discuss MS Teams Directing Routing and introduce their newly offered Ignite Program. The entire recording is available here.

Why RingCentral?

Working from home became a necessity this year, and companies across the world found themselves having to adapt to the need for remote work. Surprisingly only thirty percent of business leaders feel their organization is well prepared for remote work. Most companies saw challenges in the following three areas:

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 1.23.35 PM

RingCentral’s goal is to make it easier for companies to pivot towards a work from home environment, and they accomplish this through their Collaborative Communications platform. They also offer the following:

  • 240+ out-of-box integrations
  • 5,000+ customer integrations
  • 50,000+ developers

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When talking to your customers about where RingCentral succeeds, there are three things you should be discussing:

  • Global Telephony
    • 30% -50% usage savings
    • Highest quality voice
    • Quality AND Uptime SLAs
    • 29 Global data centers
    • Local telephony and Global admin
  • Company-wide Collaboration
    • Connected Contact Center
    • Expert access
    • Shared directory
    • Call transfer or conference
    • Pulse notifications
  • One Vendor Relationship
    • One support number
    • No finger-pointing
    • Simplified pricing
    • Single sign-on
    • Simplified admin
    • Global number procurement

Earlier this year RingCentral also announced their direct routing solution, RingCentral Cloud PBX for. Microsoft Teams. This means that RingCentral can now integrate with MS Teams.

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 1.23.53 PM

Lastly, their newest program RingCentral Ignite gives partners the ability to own the entire sales cycle for opportunities with an employee count of 400 or less.  Certification is required for those partners who are prepared to own the sales cycle. In addition, qualified partners can be certified to perform professional services, implementation, and Tier 1 support for their customers. For more information on this program, reach out to your Regional Partner Manager or contact Patrick Wright (patrick.wright@ringcentral.com).

If you want to learn more about RingCentral visit, www.ringcentral.com.