Uncovering Opportunities with Dataprise

November 30, 2022

The November 29th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed David Schwartz, SVP of Channels, Dataprise. Uncovering Opportunities with Dataprise. David Schwartz from Dataprise presents an overview including an about Dataprise, Dataprise services, Managed Cyber and DRaaS Cases, and opportunity workflows. Join us for this exciting presentation. The entire recording can be viewed here.

About Dataprise 

Dataprise helps businesses throughout the United States win with their IT. Your organization will be in the best hands with their novel approach to technology management and consultancy solutions. As one of the nation’s largest Managed Service Providers, Dataprise’s 300+ certified engineers, subject-matter experts, and IT support staff are ready to help your business thrive.  

Dataprise focuses on Strategic Buyers of IT who value a cyber-led, tightly integrated IT infrastructure, manageable via a single pane of glass and supported by a world-class team. They deliver the Best in Business Continuity + DRaaS, Cybersecurity, Cloud & End-user Support.  Their Solutions are built on comprehensive reference technology stacks and are battle-tested. 

The partner to drive growth today & transform tomorrow  

Cyber Advantage: They expertly combine world-class cyber technology with a complete cyber program for full protection.  

Managed Cloud: Workload analysis and planning, lift and shift to the cloud, and ongoing monitoring and mgmt / cost optimization.  

Managed Mobility: A holistic approach to mobility management and security.  

Managed Infrastructure & DRaaS: They modernize, manage and protect what’s powering business.  

They managed User: Experts available 24×7 so your users can focus on what matters.  

Professional & Field Services: From strategic IT consulting to project management expertise. 

Managed Cybersecurity  

Why It Matters  

  • 80% – of IT security leaders believe their organizations lack sufficient protection
    against cyberattacks 
  • 280 – Average lifecycle (in days) of a breach from identification to containment 
  • 77% – Organizations that have no Incident Response Plan (IRP) 
  • $4M – Average cost of a data breach for Mid-Market organizations 
  • 97% – IT security leaders said their companies had been negatively impacted by a cybersecurity breach in their supply chains in 2021
  • 78% – IT security leaders who lack confidence in their company’s IT security posture and believe improvements are needed 

What to Listen For  

Key Topics 

  • Cyber Insurance Changes 
  • Staff Turnover 
  • Security Assessments 
  • Compliance (CMMC, NIST, etc.) 
  • Technological Impact of Global Events 
  • Actual Cyber Event 

Premier Offering Features & Benefits 

  • They deploy the best-of-breed Next-Gen Endpoint, a Gartner quadrant leader, to protect your endpoints. Behavioral anomaly detection identifies and quarantines previously unknown malware. 
  • They prioritize automation and orchestration for immediate response to security incidents. They reduce dwell time which directly reduces risk and the probability that an attacker will exfiltrate your data.  
  • Their SaaS architecture is designed to be “severable,” which means if you decide to leave for any reason, you can take your data with you.  
  • They can ingest log sources from traditional on-premise networks and API-enabled SaaS platforms to provide comprehensive monitoring.  
  • Global threat intelligence is natively integrated into our monitoring platform to facilitate data enrichment and correlate logs with known-bad indicators.  
  • Static PDF metric reports are out of date the moment they are generated. Access critical metrics and reporting anytime through live dashboards. 

Cross-Functional Automation Example

Managed Infrastructure and Data Protection  

Dataprise Managed Infrastructure  

Enable your clients to: 

  • Achieve optimal performance to drive end-user satisfaction and business productivity 
  • Increase availability and capacity to enable business operations 
  • Proactively close infrastructure security gaps to protect data and systems 

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.  

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