Why Partner with KORE

September 28, 2020

The August 25th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed KORE’s channel director, Charlie Rodriguez, to discuss who KORE is. The entire recording is available here.

Who is KORE?

Founded in 2003, KORE simplifies the many puzzle pieces to deploy a successful IoT solution, such as connectivity, device management, data and the application ecosystem.

  • Expert advisor and leader delivering business continuity solutions
  • Single source provider for all of the critical components needed to protect your business and customers from network outages
  • KORE Business Connect solutions are comprised of pre-integrated cellular routers and gateways from leading manufactures and 4G LTE connectivity from Tier 1 wireless carriers
  • Solutions are complemented by their robust connectivity management platform and suite of IoT profession and managed services

KORE is carrier and device-agnostic; their goal is to combine any device, connectivity and data management into a single pane of glass.

When to Think About KORE?

If you thought about cable ten or seven years ago it was considered a secondary circuit today your customers will need a third failover, this is where Wireless as Failover comes in. KORE bundles routers or gateways with 4G LTE cellular connectivity to convert cellular data to Ethernet in the event of a primary Internet outage. With an optional configuration, OOBM provides 24/7 remote access to critical network components. Wireless as Failover is ideal for multiple industries such as:

Think of KORE as a primary circuit — they bundle routers or gateway with 4G LTE cellular connectivity to provide a primary Internet connection where traditional landlines may not be feasible. Wireless as Primary is ideal for:

KORE has a plug-and-play offering, which can be used as part of the solution or as the whole solution.

KORE is the epitome of the one-stop-shop, all major carriers worldwide, all major equipment manufacturers – One platform in Prism Pro, one bill, one support line. So, why partner with KORE?

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