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The best kept secret in the channel IoT + AI + Connectivity + POTS

July 21, 2022

The July 19th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Maureen Donovan, VP of Channel Sales, and Skyler Stewart, Leader of AIoT Channel Sales, Epic iO. Epic iO presented an overview of why they are the gold standard of wireless, their advanced wireless technologies, and their LTE POTS Replacement solutions.  Learn more about how Epic iO can help grow your business. The entire recording is available here. 

About EPIC iO 

Their company is first and foremost driven by our people’s high standards of excellence. Collaboration, autonomy, creativity, agility, and integrity, coupled with their focus on innovation and problem solving  what we bring to our valued customers and partners. 

EPIC iO brings together software-enabled offerings for unbreakable connectivity solutions, more value from AI and IoT investments, and improved business outcomes.  

The Gold Standard in Wireless 

Engineering and Customer Excellence 

Solutions designed for modern networking  

  • Failover | Temporary | Primary  
  • LTE POTS Replacement 
  • Private LTE 
  • CSD-WAN™ 
  • AI + IoT 
  • DeepInsights™ – open AI SaaS platform 

Powered by:  

  • 4G/5G + Bonded Speeds 
  • Faster Speeds 
  • Lower latency 
  • Highest quality signal 
  • Decomplexify the connectivity provider choice 

EPIC iO Solutions 

Wireless 4G LTE and 5G 

  • Primary Internet 
    • Remote Locations 
    • Primary Circuit Back-up 
    • IoT and Device Monitoring 
  • Temporary Internet 
    • Ultra-fast, high availability wireless for short-term project sites, events, retail, and healthcare pop-ups 
    • Connectivity you can take with you when you change locations 
  • Failover 
    • Internet Back-up / Business Continuity Wireless failover provides a diverse path to the internet that cannot be cut by terrestrial disruption 
  • LTE POTS Replacement 
    • Fire, Alarm, Elevator, VoLTE/FAX 

Advanced Wireless Technology 

Gigabit-class LTE 

  • Single Carrier – Bonds up to 4 frequencies 
  • Ubiquitous Availability 
  • Equipment available for Gigabit LTE and evolving 5G 
  • Download up to 100 Mbps 
  • Upload up to 15-25 Mbps 

5G Sub-6 

  • Single Carrier – Bonds up to 7 frequencies 
  • Enterprise-class equipment – Q1 2020 growing availability 
  • Download up to 200 Mbps 
  • Upload up to 50 Mbps 


  • Supports Key POTS Applications 
    • Multi-protocol 
      • Fire Alarm 
      • Security Alarm 
  • Elevator Communications 
  • E-911 
  • ATM Machines 
  • Point of Sale Terminals 
  • MTM and SCADA 
  • Features 
    • Direct Plug & Play Analog POTS Line Replacement 
    • 12-Hour Power Failover Battery 
    • Integrated Router with WAN/SFP Port (8 port) 
    • 4 Wired Gigabit LAN Ports 
    • Burglar and Fire Alarm Signal Transmission 
    • Ring-Down Telephone Line Circuit 
    • Native Analog M2M Support 
    • LTE Dual Cell Carrier Capable 
    • GPS Capability Option 

End-to-End AIot Solution 

Why Sell an Integrated Solution? 

Connectivity Simplified 

  • Multi-site, Multi-carrier, Multi-devices, Multi-bills, Multi-support sources. 
  • Broad Sky. 
    • Consolidate in a Single source. 
    • Data pooling across all carriers. 

IoT Tools in the Solution 

  • Edge Devices  
    • Sensors / Cameras  
  • Edge Gateway  
    • UIG – Universal IoT Gateway  

AI Actionable Outcomes 

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence  

 Smart Retail Example 

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.  

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