Unified Communications

Granite Products and Services

November 6, 2020

Granite is a leading communications services provider for businesses with multiple locations. Granite provides one-stop solutions for voice, data, Internet, wireless, video, and secure network options throughout the United States and Canada. Their scalability allows your business to grow with imminent demand.

Granite Mobility allows you to use the best performance-carrier according to your location.

  • Geographic Perfection – Granite Mobility blends the major mobile operators into one consolidated platform to provide simpler and more cost-effective mobility solutions.
  • Flexibility to Fit your Needs – Customized data plans and device options, including mobility as a service, overages protection (NOverage), and access to multiple carrier networks from a single SIM card (SIMplicity)
  • Award-winning Customer Support – Ranked #1 NPS in the Telecommunication industry. Answers every call in under 10 seconds with a live voice!

Granite is great at data-only opportunities. Their Tablet as a Service (TaaS) combines multi-carrier connectivity with a wide choice of devices from Apple, Samsung, and customizable ruggedized options. It also includes full lifecycle management, plus a Mobile Device Management platform. This platform allows you to implement policies, restrictions, and the ability to lock or wipe devices if lost or stolen remotely. Granite is not limited to Tablets, as they can customize any Device as a Service.

They also offer a complete wireless solution for primary or backup connectivity to enable an always-on internet.

  • End-to-End Solution (WAN Wireless Data) – Combines multi-carrier connectivity, a wide choice of leading LTE routers, full lifecycle management, staging, kitting, logistics, installation, support, and a powerful portal for remote management, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Simple, Scalable, Quick Deployment – One simple MRC includes the entire package, router, multi-carrier connectivity, and a fully managed solution in one low monthly payment. Easily order, deploy, and scale customized to your business needs.
  • Multiple Carriers for Geographic Perfection – Granite blends all major North American mobile operators into one consolidated platform to maximize coverage. Flexible data plans from 500MB to 200GB, with optional standby second, live Carrier SIM.

Granite Ready Fleet is a comprehensive and cost-effective fleet management solution.

  • Distracted Driving Prevention – Create and manage driving policy. Track harsh braking, speeding, phone calls, and texting during drives. Driver scoring and culture tools to change driver behavior.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking – Monitor and manage your vehicles in real-time from the web or smartphone. Always know where your drivers are to better manage their routes according to current traffic and schedules.
  • Custom Alerts & Notifications – Easily set up custom alerts and notifications on geography, time, driving events, and other measures. Stay up-to-date in real-time all day, every day.
  • Detailed Reporting – Use this data to streamline your operations, decrease fuel consumption, and ease maintenance costs. View fuel fill-ups, fuel usage, time spent idling, and vehicle efficiency.
  • Vehicle Health – Easily track scheduled maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels, and diagnostic trouble codes.

Their Daily Dashboard also empowers clients to take control of their communication services.

  • Simple to Manage – The ability to manage your complete wireless inventory regardless of the underlying carrier through one pane of glass.
  • In-depth Analysis – Ability to utilize historical data to help understand usage trends and optimize services.
  • Alerts and Notifications – Set custom alerts at the connection, pool, and account levels to mitigate any overages and flag heavy data users.
  • Customizable Reports – Granite can create tailored reports to fit your company’s unique needs at no extra charge.

Mobile Device Management simplifies your technology platforms with efficient, advance, and economical solutions.

  • Mobile Device Management – Mobile device management capabilities for all platforms; allows customers to manage and control all device activities through our online portal.
  • Mobile Application Management – Mobile device management capabilities for all platforms; allows customers to manage and control all device activities through our online portal.
  • Mobile Data Usage Control – Allows customers to drive down mobile data consumption and costs by setting data limits and restrictions on non-business sites and apps.
  • Mobile Security & Policy Compliance – The solution makes it easy to protect your mobile devices against mobile threats. It also helps to enforce your organization’s policies by filtering and blocking content deemed inappropriate.

So, where are Granite’s strengths? 

To learn more about Granite, visit, www.granitenet.com.