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Verizon Contact Center Hub

July 1, 2022

The June 28th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Tom Forter, Contact Center Hub Product Specialist for Verizon. Tom  Forter discussed Verizon’s Contact Center Hub which offers to deliver better service, with a simple contact center solution. They concluded with a Q&A with partners.  The entire recording is available here.

About Verizon Contact Center

Virtual Contact Center (VCC) does more than simplify your ability to ramp up an agile, efficient, and cost-effective cloud-based contact center. It gives you the flexibility and innovation to help create tailored experiences that exceed customer expectations. As a cloud-based global contact center solution, VCC has a full feature set that agents can access with a phone, computer and internet connection. And it lets customers reach you through their preferred method. VCC helps you easily scale, control costs, automate processes, make better decisions, enable remote work and give agents the tools to respond to the dynamic needs of customers, employees and citizens.

The Value of Contact Center Hub

  • Verizon’s branded cloud contact-center solution for small, medium, and large customer teams up to 400 users.
  • Live reporting and analytics to manage their business operations
  • Naturally integrates with CRM/Helpdesk apps without replacing what customer has
  • Setup for customer by a dedicated SE/SA, Onboarding, and Support Team
  • Unique pricing – all inclusive as it includes minutes of usage

Contact Center Hub features at a glance

  • Call Routing
    • Set up and manage routing and callback rules, toll-free and local numbers, as well as set up custom business hours from one centralized location.
  • Remote Working
    • Work from virtually any location using apps for web phones, desktop, and iOS and Android devices with ring of speakers, forward-to-phone, desktop notifications, take notes, leave tags and assign calls from any device.
  • Advanced Call and SMS Features
    • Take control over the calls with call queuing and callback, access to call recordings, on-demand playbacks and reviews, hosting conferences, dial by extension, call hold, ring-based groups, skill-based/time-based routing and unlimited concurrent calls.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) like wait time, missed call rate, call volume, and other metrics to help you manage resources. Gain real-time perspective and immediate insights with Live Feed.
  • Integrations
    • Connect call-center apps to back-end business systems with computer telephony integration (CTI) and one-click setup. Sync contacts and pull in related data from productivity apps for greater operational efficiency.
  • Productivity
    • Increase agent productivity by monitoring interactions. Provide guidance through call whisper and click-to-dial workflow, custom search filters, shared call inbox and power dialer.

Work With Ease

Easy to set up and scale

  • Phone number/agent onboarding available with 24-hour installation (excludes ported numbers)
  • Simple on-screen configuration of call-routing flows
  • Free assisted setup or self-service capabilities
  • Easy to manage interface from any browser

Simple to use

Contact Center Hub offers an intuitive user experience with a simple interface that lets agents work anywhere.

  • Agents can access hub services via web phone, desktop apps or mobile apps, all with the same familiar user interface and features
  • Each agent can sign in to receive calls on the mobile app or web phone to:
    • Answer calls routed to the agent from one or more IVRs (inbound numbers)
    • See agent to-do list of activities
    • Call other agents or transfer calls
    • View history of customer calls with all details in each entry
    • Change settings from the app screen
    • Reply to SMS texts (if feature is activated)
  • If the agent has his or her own 10-digit number, he or she can place outbound calls to customers or use the click-to-dial feature

Segments and Customers

Who is the Target Customer
Any business that has a customer service and sales team.

This means all businesses!!!

  • Primary Verticals (All)
  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Services Industries
  • Automotive Sales/Service
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Travel/Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing

Customer Types:

  • Micro/Small/Medium/Enterprise businesses
  • High volume, inbound Voice/SMS communications from customers
  • S. businesses, excluding Alaska based phone numbers
  • Customers in need of Contact Center functionality –
  • Inbound Toll Free or 10-digit Local numbers, Automated call routing, IVRs, Call Recording, Reporting & Analytics, etc.
  • Need to Voice/SMS enable their current CRM/Help Desk applications
  • Contact Center

Where we they have seen success

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

To learn more about Verizon, visit Verizon Contact Center Solutions.