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Partner Spotlight: Jolene Langford

March 18, 2021

The February 18th Thursday call welcomed former Telarus senior VP of marketing, Amy Bailey, and Jolene Langford from Athenium Technology Group.

The entire recording is available here.

Who is Jolene Langford?

Jolene Langford is the owner of Athenium Technology Group and one of Telarus’ top five partners. She was inducted into Telarus President’s Club, and we raise a glass for all of her accomplishments she has made thus far.

Jolene’s Background

She got her start in telecom in 2008 during the economic recession. Her former employer had fallen due to the effects of the economic recession. A friend of hers reached out during this time to offer her guidance. She learned that utilities were recession-proof during that time and worked with a competitive local exchange carrier to get her start. She worked with this carrier for around five or six years before she was ready for a change of scenery to consult her customers the way she wanted to.

Eventually, in 2014 she went to work for a software-based E-learning company, all while starting an agency on the same day. Jolene worked both jobs for three years.  Eventually, her business gained enough revenue for it to be her full-time job.  She signed up with Telarus in 2017 and since then has experienced a great ride to the top.

What is Athenium Technology Group?

Athenium Technology Group’s focus is on voice. Jolene recognized voice-related products early on in her journey. Everything they sell helps people work from home, helps businesses scale-up, and quickly moves them to the Cloud. They are a single point of contact as their team shoulders the overall project management, escalation, negotiations, and product demonstrations. They have award-winning agents that Telarus have recognized.

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