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How to Level-Up Your Sales Game with SolutionVue™ Contact Center QSA

August 23, 2023

It was a pleasure to welcome Telarus Chief Product Officer Patrick Oborn to this week’s “Better Business Practices” themed partner call. Oborn treated us to an engaging walk-through of the latest modular addition to Telarus SolutionVue™. The Contact Center QSA is the third module release for the SolutionVue platform, joining the Cloud QSA, launched in May 2023, and Cybersecurity QSA, introduced in 2022. Oborn also introduced Nate Juraschek, Telarus’ new Sr. Director of Product. A tech start-up and fintech industry veteran, Juraschek will be leading all iterations of current and future QSAs under SolutionVue.  

What we learned: 

  1. The Contact Center QSA is like having the combined knowledge of the entire Telarus Contact Center engineering and solutions architect team by your side during every customer conversation. Like all SolutionVue QSA’s, it’s designed to help technology advisors feel confident selling into a new area they don’t know a lot about and provides customers with data-informed recommendations they won’t find anywhere else. Oborn explained, “The QSA script is like the ideal set of ‘training wheels’ to take the guesswork and fear away from guiding your customers to the best technology decisions for their Contact Center needs.”
  2. The CC QSA provides you with a digital self-guided requirements discovery for existing and prospective customers in all the following key business areas:
    • Core Contact Center Business Requirements  
    • Omnichannel Engagement 
    • Automated Self-Service  
    • Third-Party Integrations  
    • Workforce Engagement  
    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  
    • Consulting and Implementation
  1. Each QSA includes a strategic set of questions to guide you through a thorough discovery, including general background questions, pros and cons for various software considerations, budget considerations, vendor recommendations, and power questions to ask prospective vendors.The CC module also customizes outputs by vertical, as many questions and recommendations will differ accordingly. For example, a financial industry customer will require a different set of compliance and vendor considerations than a retail customer.
  2. Once you complete and submit the QSA, the software will generate a customer-facing report in 3 seconds, thanks to the power of AI. Special bonus: The report includes a dossier of all the questions and answers from your customer discussion that you can send off to prospective vendors on your customers’ behalf, saving them valuable time from answering similar questions from each vendor.
  1. Oborn’s pro tips:  
  • Focus on just one or two key business sections at a time to ensure a productive and focused conversation without overwhelming your customer.  
  • Familiarize yourself with each section before your meeting to avoid any surprises.  
  • Even though you can generate the customer-facing report in mere seconds, give yourself some time to review it first. Set up a time to present it to them the following week, and do not send it on its own. You want to ensure you see the full process through as a trusted advisor – and as always, your Telarus team is by your side at any stage where you need extra support.

View the full recording of the August 22nd Tuesday Call.   

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