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Modas: Channel Sales Enabler

December 3, 2021

The October 12th Telarus Tuesday Call welcomed Scott Long, Director – Strategic Partners (Channel Sales) Modas. He joined us to discuss their company and how they are a Channel Sales enabler to OEMs of Telecom & Technology Solutions, and they are 100% focused on the Channel Sales Market.  They make it Easy to Sell & Transact Technology Solutions, and they work exclusively with Master Agents, Sales Partners, and Resellers.  Modas drives OEM pricing and partner strategy to benefit the Agent Channels. The entire recording is available here.


About Modas

Modas delivers channel enablement solutions for OEMs, Technology & Telecommunication Providers to grow their channel strategy.  Their solutions address two areas in the channel sales ecosystem: Transaction Tax & Regulatory Issues and Multi-Jurisdictional Legal Requirements. Transactional tax and regulatory issues arise from resale transactions and direct sales driven by sales agents. They solve the multi-jurisdictional legal requirements resulting from the landmark 2018 U.S. Supreme Court South Dakota v. Wayfair decision.

Modas’ solutions and value-added services serve as a Transaction Clearing House for sales tax nexus, state and federal registrations, tax calculation, filing & remittance, and resale exemption management. Modas strives to simplify the channel ecosystem, alleviate the tax and regulatory requirements and allow our partners to focus on accelerating customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Modas Overview

Modas is a Channel Sales enabler to OEMs of Telecom & Technology Solutions. 

  • 100% focused on the Channel Sales Market
  • Make it Easy to Sell & Transact Technology Solutions
  • Works exclusively with Technology Brokers, Sales Partners, and Resellers

Channel Enablement Platform for OEMs

  • Build & Launch Channel Friendly Sales Programs
  • Have simple Pre-Sale & Post-Sale Systems
  • Calculate & Pay Sales Commissions to Technology Broker & Sales Partner


RabbitRun is an Affordable SD-WAN for small businesses & remote employees. There are no upfront costs, and RabbitRun is based on a subscription model. It also allows prioritization of where the bandwidth is allocated.


  • Improve Business Connectivity with Quality & Reliability
  • Reduce business disruption w/Failsafe management
  • Have Reliable Voice & Video calls
  • Prioritized Business-critical traffic
  • Powered by RabbitRun proprietary technology & software

Service Benefits:

  • Simple Easy Installation
  • Zero Touch Provider Modem Strategy
  • No Static IP Required
  • Failsafe, “no drop” Failover
  • Support – Connect with a Click – Direct to RabbitRun Team
  • Onboard Probes & Test Tools for Network Latency, Jitter, Loss & Voice Quality Scoring (MOS)

RabbitRun Devices:


myDevices – Easy to sell loT Sensors with two revenue streams. SaaS (Software as a Service) for monitoring and LTE Data for connectivity. They are designed for fixed environments

Components to myDevices Solution:

  • Gateway (ethernet or cellular)
  • IoT Sensors (LoraWAN, over 500+ types of sensors)
  • SaaS (portal to control, monitor & set alerts for sensors)
  • LTE IoT Data Plan (when a cellular gateway is used)

Options to purchasing myDevices:

  • CAPEX on Hardware (one-time up-front cost)
  • OPEX on SaaS & LTE Data Plans (monthly recurring charge)

3rd Party Financing Available 24 to 72 Month Terms

Top myDevices loT Solutions:

  • SimplySense – Temperature Monitoring
  • Lockdown Alert – Safety is always first
  • Predictalert – Keep it all running
  • Countario – Monitor foot traffic
  • Push & Protect – Panic button solution
  • WaterSave – Save thousands
  • Push & Call – Call a professional
  • Build Your Own – A customer solution



Spireon is a large fleet asset vehicle tracking company that created mobile tracking devices called FleetLocate. They are designed for Mobile Environments (vehicles, trailers, and assets).

Components to FleetLocate Solution:

  • Vehicle Tracking Device (OBDII – Plug & Play or Hard-Install)
  • Trailer Tracking Device (Hard-Install)
  • Asset Tracking Device (various models)
  • Dashcam (Sell Install or Professional Install for a fee)
  • SaaS (portal to control, monitor & set alerts)
  • LTE IoT Data Plan

Options to purchasing FleetLocate:

  • OPEX (monthly charge)
  • Includes Hardware, SaaS, and LTE IoT Data Plan
  • On-Site Professional Installation is available for a fee


For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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