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Nodeware: The Best Vulnerability Management Program

September 16, 2022

The September 13th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Frank Raimondi, VP of Channel Development, and Paul Robinson, VP of National Sales, at IGI. IGI reviewed the complexities of cybersecurity offerings and how they make it easy for you to get engaged and increase your value to your customers by enabling them to be better protected. They covered products such as Nodeware, a continuous (regular business hours) vulnerability management program, and its award-winning services, including penetration tests, risk assessments, incident responses, and vCISO teams. Learn how you can easily add value-add security services and products to your offerings. The entire recording can be viewed here. 

About IGI 

Every cybersecurity product ever created has promised to make organizations safer. So why are there still so many breaches? Because cybersecurity isn’t about products. It’s about people.  

With products alone, your cyber defense is full of gaps. It’s like a brick wall without mortar. Sure, many right pieces are there, but the wall itself is weak and easy to push through.  

At IGI Cybersecurity, we don’t sell products; we solve problems. We understand that the best cybersecurity tool ever invented is the human mind. We bridge the gaps left by a products-only approach or a strategy-only consultant. It’s our people, helping your people, to protect your business from bad people. We’re IGI Cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity People. 

Nodeware: The best Vulnerability Management Program 

Critical Benefits of considering Nodeware 

  • Truly continuous scanning 
    • Including during regular business hours 
  • Real-Time alerts of network access and new-found risks 
  • Easy and insightful reports 

Nodeware® is Built for Today’s Business Needs 

  • Vulnerability Program vs. Occasional Scans 
  • Real-time scanning to meet compliance requirements  
  • The first step to better/proactive cyber hygiene for 80% of the SMB market
  • The first step for you to deliver cyber hygiene  
  • Extremely cost-effective & low barrier to entry 
  • Free customer trials with unlimited assets 
  • Lowest cost of sales / Short sales cycle time 

Breaking down barriers to cyber hygiene 

SMBs quickly say, “I don’t need it,” or “Who would want to hack my company?”  

By asking three simple questions, you can help your customers realize the need to start using Nodeware:  

  • Can you see new devices as they connect to your network?  
  • Are you able to identify security gaps on your network?  
  • Do you have a skilled IT/Security team to manage your risk?   

You can Protect and Insure what you don’t know about. 

Nodeware pricing and selling models 

  • Licensed in blocks of 50 assets, single-year license 
    • Paid upfront or monthly (for a premium) 
    • Price breaks at 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 assets under management 
    • Most companies require 2 to 3 assets per employee 
  • The affordability allows for integration into the security stack 
    • Look for add-on sales to Auvik, Acronis, Augment, Datto, Sophos 
    • Look for alternative deals of Vulcan, CyberCNS, Tenable, Qualys 
  • Remember the critical differentiators of: 
    • Continuous / Normal business hours scanning 
    • Real-time alerts of network access and new risks 
    • Easy to read and share reports 

IGI The Cybersecurity People 

IGI Cybersecurity delivers people-driven cybersecurity for personalized, resilient cyber defense focused on individualized strategy and unshakeable partnership. 

Cybersecurity Demand 

 Keywords and Phrases to Identify a Security Services Opportunity  

IGI Cybersecurity delivers people-driven cybersecurity for personalized, resilient cyber defense focused on individualized strategy and unshakeable partnership.  

  • Regulatory Compliance, HIPAA, PCI, NIST, CIS, ISO2700, Board needs visibility, and Vendor Risk. 
  • Risk Assessment  
  • Network Security, Network Visibility, Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Penetration Test 
  • Lack of cybersecurity talent, too busy with cybersecurity, need to execute on cybersecurity program. 
  • CISO Team-as-a-Service 
  • Breached, ransomware, backups encrypted, systems down.   
  • Incident Response 

IGI Team-as-a Service Offerings 

These services are designed to promote the stabilization and growth of your environment regarding cybersecurity and risk.  

  • CISO Advisory Services 
  • Monthly status updates and project review 
  • Policy and procedure review and updates- Write information security plan  
  • Cyber-risk road-map consulting and management  
  • Cybersecurity program development and enhancement aligned with the appropriate framework  
  • Third-party and vendor management program development  
  • Assistance with cybersecurity training program 
  • Guidance around compliance-specific audit requests 
  • Access to IGI Incident Response team 
  • Flexible CISO consulting and support 
  • Penetration testing  
  • Vulnerability Management Services (Nodeware) 

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.  

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