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State of the Union: Part 3

February 6, 2023

The January 31st, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Telarus’ co-founder and CPO, Patrick Oborn, and SVP of Sales Engineering and host of the popular podcast Next Level BizTech, Josh Lupresto.

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Telarus is the #1 global technology solutions brokerage with a singular focus on accelerating partner success. We provide proprietary, award-winning, and patented Services, Solutions, and Tools that assist our partners from pre-sale to post-implementation. For 20 years, Telarus has provided comprehensive guidance and support for our partner community as they have pursued their objectives. To learn more or become a partner, go to

Josh runs the Solution Architecture and Sales Engineering team, one of the largest departments at Telarus, consisting of regional sales engineers, inside sales engineers, solution architects, and project management. This team ensures our partners have access to solution assessments, designs, and industry-leading certified engineers to help them successfully sell to their customers.

Network Swimlane

  • SASE
    • Network Optimization
  • SD-WAN
    • Auto-Failover
    • Bonding
    • Intelligent Routing
    • VNF (Virtual Network)
    • Firewall
    • Application Aware
  • Connectivity
    • Broadband/Coax
    • Dedicated Fiber
    • WISP/Microwave
    • 4G/5G Internet
    • Satellite Internet
    • Aggregation
  • Managed WIFI
    • Internal Network
    • Guest Network
  • Security
    • Firewall (Prem/Web)
    • Endpoint Security
    • Network Security Assessment
  • Network Management
    • Circuit Monitoring
    • Trouble Ticket Creation

Partner participation is up. Increased MRC was done by layering on services and selling more megs with lower prices. The total number of orders has increased by not only increasing partner participation but also leading the conversation with Advanced Networking and Connectivity or adding Advanced Networking and Connectivity to Advanced Solutions deals.

Connectivity suppliers picked up in 2022 with new suppliers that brought something new to the table. These suppliers fill the gaps with more fiber options and global expansion.

Network and SD-WAN Top 10 Suppliers

2023: Trends to Watch

  • SASE-Secure Access Service Edge
    • SD-WAN + Security that mixes network quality with network security.
  • Cloud Connectivity
    • An internet connection between a private network and a public cloud. You could also refer to it as IP Access or IP Transit connectivity. Notably, its surging popularity is thanks to its affordability and efficiency.

Be prepared for a slow and methodical process. Telarus perfected the process to help with enterprise sales by adding solution architects. Telarus can be there as much as you want and need, from pitching to project management.


5 Key Drivers of SD-WAN

  • Cost
    • How does the customer get speed and reliability without overpaying
  • Management Complexity
    • Customer’s ability to self-manage a network
  • Functionality
    • What abilities does the overlay (aka, aggregate) network need to have
  • Quality
    • Are there any applications that are sensitive to delay, packet loss, and jitter?
  • Security-
    • If the customer is securing the WAN at the edge, do they want to do it with a standard edge firewall appliance, or do they want to simplify it down into one SD-WAN box?

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