State of the Union: Part 6 – Cybersecurity

February 24, 2023

The February 21st, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Patrick Oborn, CPO, and Telarus Co-Founder, along with Jason Stein, VP of Advanced Solutions, Cybersecurity at Telarus.  

This is part six of the State of the Telarus State of the Union Series: Cybersecurity. You can view the entire recording at 

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Advanced Solutions Team

The Advanced Solutions team oversees vetting suppliers to ensure they are the industry’s most up-and-coming advanced suppliers. They provide these suppliers will make a big difference in our Partner customers’ lives. They also help supervise, advise, and consult with the Telarus Sales Engineering and Solution Architect Teams. They are also heavily involved in the Telarus education circuit.

Telarus has segmented the whole ecosystem of the products and services in the portfolio and put them into “technology swim lanes.”

Security Swim Lane

  • Identify
    • Virtual CISO
    • Cyber Consulting
    • Vulnerability Assess.
    • Penetration Test
    • Compliance
    • Phishing Simulation
    • Security Awareness Training
  • Protect
    • Managed Firewall
    • Web Security
    • Email Security
    • Endpoint Protection
    • Managed Cloud FW
    • Data Protection
    • Zero-Trust Frame
    • Remote User VPN
    • Patch Management
  • Detect
    • Log Management (SEIM)
    • AI Machine Learning
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • SOC as a Service
  • Respond
    • Incident Response
    • Containment / Eradication / Restore

Cybersecurity – The Numbers

Partner participation increased substantially because Telarus has focused on educating Partners on approaching conversations about Cybersecurity with their customers and including the Telarus Sales Engineers early in the conversation. These Partners recognize that Cybersecurity needs to be a part of every conversation with customers, even if the conversation starts with another type of Advanced Solution. 

Cybersecurity Top 10

2023: Key Practice Objectives

The conversation needs to be about Cybersecurity as a brand and boosting that brand awareness. With the help of Telarus University, Telarus is focused on educating our Partners to give them all the resources needed to help their businesses thrive.

2023: Cybersecurity Trends to Watch

2022: Cybersecurity Statistics

  • 2023 Global cybercrime looks to top $8.6 Trillion
  • SASE to reach $9.2 Billion in 2023 (Gartner)
  • IOT had 34 Billion devices and 1.5 Billion breaches from January to June 2022
  • 150 Billion Spam emails are sent every day.
  • 5 Million Websites were infected with malware at Any Given Time each week.  814,000 Phishing websites were created in 2022
  • The average employee spent 49 minutes per year doing Security Awareness Training.
  • Global Cyberattacks increased by 38% in 2022
  • 82% of all breaches involved the Human Element in 2022
  • Four thousand one hundred publicly disclosed data breaches in 2022, exposing 22 Billion records.
  • Two-Fifths of US consumers suffer personal data theft.
  • A Cybersecurity breach happens every 12 seconds in the United States.

Top Cyber Trends – Forbes 

  • Greater Privacy and Regulations
  • Zero Trust replaces VPN
  • Threat Detection and Response Tools go Mainstream
  • More 3rd Party Risk Management
  • More Organizations will outsource Cybersecurity
  • Cyber Insurance will Drive Demand

Cybersecurity Framework

 For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording at Telarus University. You can view the entire recording at

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