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How 3 New Suppliers Can Help You Win Big in Emerging Technology

October 18, 2023

From CCaaS to threat detection to SD-WAN-focused MSP, this week’s “New Supplier Spotlight” Tuesday Call offered a triple dose of learning to help technology advisors grow in new business areas. We’ve included some discussion highlights from Sprinklr, Graphene, and Xcitium below, and encourage you to listen to the full recording here. 


What is Sprinklr?

Sprinklr is a unified-CXM platform that enables thousands of the world’s largest enterprises to market, advertise, research, care, and engage with consumers. With advanced AI, Sprinklr can resolve problems before and when they escalate to the customer center – providing best-in-class customer experiences. 

What does Sprinklr offer that’s better or different than other CCaaS providers?

Sprinklr services multiple verticals, with expertise in the unique requirements of regulated industries like fintech and healthcare, to niche businesses like candy confectioners.  

The Sprinklr platform delivers a 3-pronged approach to elevate customer experience:  

  • Proactive engagement across social channels to alleviate traffic to the contact center. Customers can listen to themes and escalations around products or services, then engage the end customers on those channels with proactive resolutions. 
  • Self-service through SEO optimized knowledge bases so end customers can troubleshoot product or service issues themselves via Google or other common sites.  
  • Agents empowered to solve issues in the first interaction. Because some people just want to call customer service with an issue directly from a social chat.  

How does Sprinklr leverage AI?

Sprinklr’s AI layer runs deep. “We ingest every exchange on the publicly available Internet,” said Jay Vigeland​, VP of Global Partnerships​ at Sprinklr. Whether an end user is in a Reddit blog or writing an Amazon or Yelp review or exchanging product experiences on Facebook or Twitter, Sprinklr consumes all of that input in real time.  

Sprinklr’s robust AI infrastructure supports conversational AI, is used for predictive CSAT, and supports over 100 languages and different verticals through a combination of its own AI and specific language support, as well as pre-integrated and pre-trained OpenAI functions, Vertex AI by Google, and other models. “We are the only company that’s doing this right now,” said Vigeland.  

What is Graphene?  

Graphene Networks is a next-generation managed WAN edge services provider. They modernize and manage WAN edge infrastructure for enterprises of all sizes. Their founding members have deep knowledge in multiple next-gen WAN arenas with backgrounds as vendors, MSPs, and brokers. 

What makes Graphene different from other networking MSPs?

“Our areas of specialty are SD-WAN, SASE, edge security and of course complementary technology like remote access work-from-home solutions, cloud security, and endpoint protection,” said Dwight Wilhelm, CEO​ for Graphene Networks​. “As a managed services provider, I think it’s really important to consolidate those and be agnostic for the end client. Every technology is different, every SD-WAN vendor is a little different and they all have strengths and weaknesses. Our consultative approach and deep knowledge base across multiple solutions allow us to identify the right solution for the customer and their unique needs.” 

Graphene saves IT teams valuable time and relieves administrative burden by providing vendor management on their customers’ behalf. They also offer 24/7 monitoring and can provide a fresh set of eyes on failed deployments from previous vendors. 

What is Xcitium?

Xcitium is an EDR (end detection response) SaaS company focused on preventing unknown threats and cyber damage even when detection-first strategies fail. This “detection-less protection” from ransomware and malware infections is made possible through the company’s patented ZeroDwell containment technology. 

How does Xcitium simplify the increasingly complex security tech stack?

“We consolidate a lot of the needs from a technology perspective, all within a fully unified cloud-native platform,” said Mike Constantino, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships​ at Xcitium. “This allows us to offer everything for containment, and we’re willing to stand behind that, which is unusual compared to some of our competitors in the marketplace.”  

Xcitium has a zero-breach track record when fully configured. They provide an unlimited, no retainer Incidence Response (IR), plus a $1 million warranty on MDR and XDR services.​ “So you’re talking about a $1 million guarantee if breached as well as that free IR, plus a much more cost-effective XDR [extended detection response] solution on top because there’s less of a need for your IT team’s eyes on glass,” said Constantino. 

To learn more about each suppliers’ breadth of channel-specific services, be sure to listen to the full Tuesday Call recording! 

View the full recording of the October 17th Tuesday Call.  

If you’ve never attended a Telarus Tuesday Partner Call, it’s a great way to stay informed about changes in the Channel and get updates on new advancements, news, and announcements from Telarus Suppliers. And with a new format and content, now is the perfect time to come on board.