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Telarus Advanced Solutions: Network and SD-WAN Overview

February 11, 2022

The February 8th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Telarus CPO and Co-Founder Patrick Oborn. Patrick Oborn reviewed our Network & SD-WAN practice with Josh Lupresto, VP of Sales Engineering for Telarus. In this power-packed 90-minute conversation, we learned about network security trends for 2022, discussed how each SD-WAN provider performed in 2021, overview the new network operators Telarus added to its portfolio in 2021, learned about the different ‘swim lanes’ within Network (Cable, Fiber, Wireless 4G/5G), and learned about Telarus’ plans for building next-generation network selection tools in 2022.

Sales Engineering Team

The Advanced Solutions team focuses on a specialty and nuances of deals and opportunities, leading to growth and success. The team enables partners to sell more in their focused categories.


It is one of the seven swim lanes of technology that Telarus focuses on.  Here is a brief breakdown of Network.

  • SD-WAN
    • Auto-Failover
    • Bonding
    • Intelligent Routing
    • VNF (Virtual Network)
    • Firewall
    • Application-Aware
  • Connectivity
    • Broadband
    • Dedicated Fiber
    • COAX
    • WISP / Microwave
    • 3G/4G/5G Internet
    • Satellite Internet
    • Circuit Aggregation
  • Managed WIFI
    • Internal Network
    • Guest Network
  • Remediation
    • Circuit Monitoring
    • Trouble Ticket Creation

2022: Key Objectives

  • Grow MRC per deal through add-on services
    • > Helping partners to grow their accounts
  • Partner Education (Security Focus)
    • > Helping partners understand security with tools and training
  • Streamline transactional network services
  • More multi-site, multi-vendor deployments
  • Grow project management

2022: SD-WAN Trends to Watch

Technology stock photos depicting integrated security, cloud connectivity, remote management tools

These are industry trends that are also making an impact in the channel. Integrated Security and Cloud Connectivity have become tried and true solutions and have changed the need where the applications live and breathe.

Enterprise Network

2022 Sale Process

2022 Sales process path in this order: discovery interest, pitch, demo, architect custom environment, proof trial POC, tech selection RFP, negotiate, deal, project plan

4G Ideal Customer Use Cases

Graphic showing key objectives which include: Failed Cable Orders, Executive private connection, construction trailers, no cable or fiber available, internet of things sensors, retail: guest wifi networks


Patrick and Josh provided an overview of SD-WAN and where it can be useful to partners.

5 Key Drivers of SD-WAN

  • Cost
    • How does the customer get the speed and reliability without overpaying
  • Management Complexity
    • Customer ability to self-manage a network
  • Functionality
    • What abilities does the overlay network need to have
  • Quality
    • Are there any applications that are sensitive to delay, packet loss, and jitter?
  • Security
    • If the customer is securing WAN at the edge, do they want to do it with a standard edge firewall appliance, or do they want to simplify it down into one SD-WAN box

Patrick provided an overview of Telarus’s providers; watch the Telarus Tuesday Call to get a comprehensive list of our providers.

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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