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December 2023 New Supplier with Telarus

January 25, 2024

This past month Telarus added one new supplier to our portfolio.  

At, they are rewriting the rules of AI to reshape how we experience the world. Their journey began in the early 2010s when Raj, their visionary CEO, saw a transformative opportunity in the rise of messaging apps and enterprise platforms. With a passion for automating and enhancing human-machine interactions, Raj and his team set out to create the world’s leading conversational AI technology platform. Over time, became the trusted partner of over 400 global enterprises, delivering exceptional automation and customer engagement. They are proud to have earned accolades from technology analysts and built a network of 200 global partners. has been the market leader in conversational and generative AI for five consecutive years. But success was never an endpoint for them. They believe the potential is vast, especially with GenAI and Conversational AI converging. So they asked themselves, “Are we done yet?” The answer: “Not by a long shot.” With nearly a decade of experience, they are on a new journey to unlock the power of GenAI and Conversational AI together to define the future of experience. Today, stands as a trusted partner and technology provider for Global 2000 enterprises, with 10+ global offices. They assist companies in harnessing the potential of conversational and generative AI-driven assistants, all while upholding our core values of innovation, customer centricity, diversity, and fun within our global teams.  

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