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The New Normal: Secure WorkRemote

August 20, 2021

The August 17th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Stickley on Security Vice President, Channel Sales, Larry Snodgrass. He announced their addition of a remote workstation/desktop as a service to their product line – Secure WorkRemote. It’s a new approach to delivering remote and virtual workstations that addresses the “new normal” of cybersecurity and compliance challenges the pandemic brings. Their unique solution is built better to protect sensitive and confidential data than traditional VDI solutions. It is easy to deploy anywhere globally and maintain high performance. The entire recording is available here.

Secure WorkRemote

Secure WorkRemote is a zero-trust, remote desktop for sensitive and confidential data solutions for remote employees accessing confidential company information. Most of the world is working from home since the beginning of last year, and with that comes security threats. There is no building security and no home network security for most, so company data now lives in communal environments.

There have been 4,000 cybersecurity attacks every day since the COVID-19 outbreak. With this new solution, Secure WorkRemote, Stickley on Security gives you a way to make sure everything is completely secure while working remotely.

You can work remotely, from anywhere, and still know that all your information will be secure. There will be no corporate data at the remote location, only secure encrypted pixel transmissions with this solution. VPNs (Virtual Private Networking) are extremely common, but Stickley has removed signing into a VPN, making it easier to deploy and has a higher quality of performance.

The Benefits


  • Dynamic Whitelisting and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).
  • Workstations can be set on a schedule (e.g., M-F 8 am- 5 pm).
  • No external drive mapping allowed (e.g., USB devices, etc.).
  • Document copying from the remote workstation is disabled by default.
  • Zero Trust between workstations.
  • Includes SoS fully automated employee security training and phishing simulation.


  • User workstations are hosted in AWS, Azure, or GCP
  • User workstations and shared drives are backed up daily.
  • Qumulo cluster is backed up in cloud provider but can also be replicated to on-premises.


  • User workstations are configurable (can use any available instance or VM type).
  • Active Directory-integrated.
  • VPN connection to customer’s datacenter included.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who sets up the workstations/manages them?

Vega Cloud (underlying platform) sets up all remote workstations in the WorkRemote solution.

Can there be separate images for the workstations?

Yes, and it is common. There are a few user types, and Stickley will set up an image for each user type and preload applications/configurations.

Out of the three, AWS, Azure, and Google Private Cloud, which is easier to configure and manager?

AWS is the preferred platform. It has the most control from a security perspective, and it’s the easiest to configure and manage. Stickley supports running the solution on all three platforms, though Azure Active Directory is required regardless of where the workstations are hosted.

Since last year, cyber-attacks have become more frequent, and who doesn’t want a way to help stop these attacks? This new solution from Stickley on Security will allow all users working remotely to have a secure and worry-free environment.

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