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Observe.AI’s Proof of Value

June 11, 2021

The June 8th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Observe.AI. Sam Nelson, RVP, Channels West. Observe.AI. use Contact Center AI to transform customer experiences and improve agent performance by helping top brands analyze 100% of customer interactions and streamline quality assurance workflows. Sam joined us to help you learn more about the Observe.AI. value proposition, engagement model, and how to take action today with Observe.AI’s Proof of Value. The entire recording is available here.

Observe.AI. Overview

By the year 2022, the expected spend on CX technologies is $641 billion. CX technologies include everything from UCaaS to CCaaS to analytics that contributes to the end customer experience. The primary driver for this vast number is companies now compete primarily based on customer experience (up from 36%), there was a $1.6 trillion loss due to customers switching companies because of poor service, and research found that 85% of customers will pay more for excellent customer experience.

CX Challenges

There are some challenges when it comes to customer experience (CX). There is a desire from companies to want to implement the best technology to improve their customer experience and think that spending a lot of money on what is considered the best UCaaS or CCaaS solution will solve the problem. The reality is that about 2% of all customer interactions are not being analyzed.

You must look at how these interactions are being conducted. What are agents saying, how are supervisors training these agents, and what kind of interactions are being analyzed at the company level? Observe.AI. has a created a way to solve these CX challenges.

The Solution: Humans & AI

Observe.AI. has combined the human element and their proprietary AI solution to provide a positive customer experience by following these steps.

  • Analyze 100% of interactions for quality and compliance.
  • Evaluate interactions without leaving the platform.
  • Coach agents with contextual data and feedback.
  • Augment agents for better performance.
  • Surface the right to interactions to monitor with AI.

Most companies will stop at the analysis stage, but Observe.AI. will always follow this workflow above and will analyze, evaluate, and coach to provide positive outcomes.

The Technology

How does this data flow after analyzing and evaluating? Observe.AI. will ingest the customer interactions (the metadata or call recordings), whether structured or unstructured data, Observe.AI. Will make sense of it. Their proprietary AI engine will do sentiment analysis, intent analysis, emotion analysis, audio and text redaction. It then will provide a transcription of the entire interaction with the customer and agent. Observe.AI. was built around the voice of the customer, and that is something new to the industry.

30 Day Proof of Value (POV)

With their quick-to-deploy Proof of Value, customers will see results within their own data in days and get a glimpse of the power of Voice AI insights.

Weeks 1 and 2

  • Alignment: Define success criteria and set expectations.
  • Integration: Ingest 5,000 calls and metadata, build QM form and moments.

Weeks 3 and 4

  • Customer Engagement: Provide access to the dashboard, weekly progress check-ins, and an executive summary.

With this process from Observe.AI. the close rate is upwards of 90%. They are the only company that does a 30 day POV, and it is because they analyze, evaluate, and coach for the best customer experience.

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