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End-End Security Services with Verizon

March 23, 2021

The March 16th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Verizon security solutions consultant, Trung Hong. Trung Hong joined to discuss end-end security services with Verizon where he went over who Verizon is, their solutions, and how their solutions can benefit your business. The entire recording is available here.


Who is Verizon?

Verizon has been in the security services space for well over 25+ years. Verizon can turn intelligence into action to help businesses stay cyber resilient. They have nine Security Operations Centers around the globe to better serve their customers. As cyber threats emerge daily, companies are in a constant state of risk, which is why Verizon has the solutions to help.

(Map of the nine Security Operations Centers around the globe)

Customers have been expanding their business connections beyond company walls and sharing ideas and data safely with partners, suppliers, and customers. Verizon is adding 1.7 trillion security events into their threat content library per year to benefit their customers.


Verizon Solutions and Assets

Their integrated security solutions cover the entire spectrum of managed and professional solutions. Listed below are only a few of their many solutions Verizon offers.

Identify and enhance your visibility of cyber risk:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Security Strategy Advisory

Protect the attack surface:

  • Cloud security solutions
  • Device and endpoint management

Detect and respond to cyber-attacks faster:

  • Threat hunting
  • 24×7, 365 monitoring

Minimize impact and quickly recover operations:

  • Incident response planning
  • Breach investigations and response


Along with their security solutions, Verizon’s network security assets are just as beneficial to businesses. Listed below are only a few of their managed detection and response assets.

SOC Services: Advanced SOC, MSS analytics, CERT, MSEG

Internal Security: CISO, CSO, Network Security, Wireless, AOL

IR & Intel Delivery: Breach investigations, threat intel and response, intelligent services

Research: OSINT, dark web, deep web, VERIS community


How does Verizon benefit you?

Verizon solutions address cyber resiliency across the enterprise. The solutions that Verizon offers span end-to-end regardless of how mature or immature customers are with security. They enable customers to identify known internal and external risks, protect the attack surface from known threats, and detect and respond to unknown threats faster. They can minimize impact and quickly restore operations for you.

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