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The Right Expertise is Critical to Your Sales Success

In the sales process, finding the appropriate solution to a customer’s business requirements is crucial. It often demands years of experience in developing comparable solutions, technical abilities to transform various goals into a cohesive set of solutions, and proficiency in broadening the range of possibilities for future needs. However, attempting to accomplish it all alone can be overly ambitious, especially when other work priorities require attention. 

Telarus Certified Experts Give You the Support and Confidence to Drive Your Sales Growth

Telarus Sales Engineering offers solutions for your customers with subject matter experts in all Telarus technical disciplines. Our certified engineers and solution architects, who are leaders in the industry, assist you throughout the sales process by guiding the discovery and qualification of customer needs, designing effective integrated solutions, verifying supplier technologies, and identifying expansion opportunities. Their qualifications and extensive certifications set Telarus apart from other technology services distributors.  

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Telarus Sales Engineering supports your sales process by providing a strong foundation to discover customer needs and influence their technical direction, guiding the technical validation process to give you confidence and credibility in positioning the right solutions and suppliers, and helping you envision the customer’s future by educating you on technology advancements in the market, presenting emerging offerings, and guiding their roadmap decision process.  


Telarus sales engineers have years of hands-on experience and training in the disciplines of cloud, unified communications, contact center, cybersecurity, networking and SDWAN & SASE, mobility, and IoT.  They tout industry-leading 300+ certifications from not only Telarus suppliers, but Cisco, AWS, Microsoft Azure, multiple CISSPs for security, and more, in the following areas: 

Cloud Modernization

Migration and modernization are equally important in the cloud lifecycle. We can roadmap the path for your customers.

Contact Center

Contact Center is about much more than answering the phone. It’s about using AI, Omnichannel, and other newer technologies to help both agents and customers have an optimal experience. We’re here to help with this journey.

Mobility & IoT

With the push for robotics, automation and employee access, our team of experts is here to help you navigate how Mobility & IoT are the next generation of critical solutions for business continuity and operational efficiency.


Network resiliency and visibility are more important than ever. We can help navigate SDWAN and SASE providers that will fit your customers’ needs.


Security is a layered approach. Our team helps you understand the products and customer struggles in every layer.


UCaaS suppliers are innovating on their platforms every week. Our team keeps current on the supplier platforms and expansions that align with your customers’ needs.

Increase Market Breadth

Develop sales expertise in areas new to your business

Expand Initial Deals

Uncover more revenue potential in the initial sale than originally expected

Become Trusted Advisor

Establish yourself as a knowledgeable, credible advisor to your customers

Uncover Future Opportunity

Increase your incremental revenue with solution expansion

Increase Win Rates

Improve your win rates across more deals

Learn how you can leverage Telarus Sales Engineering in your sales opportunities to win more business. Become a Partner