A Perfect Storm of Opportunity: Enterprise Mobility Management

August 12, 2022

The August 9th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Mike Saxby, Vice President at vMOX. Many employees, especially those working in retail, transportation, and logistics, airline, manufacturing, healthcare, and emergency service industries, are dependent on mobile devices to help them carry out their job functions. With more devices in the hands of employees than ever before, a new work-anywhere model, an explosion in data breaches, and talent shortages, it’s created an environment that necessitates mobility management, and organizations desperately need help.

Now is the “perfect storm of opportunity” for Telarus partners. Mobile management and mobile security solutions continue to be top priorities to keep costs in check and both information and frontline workers productive and secure in dispersed working environments. vMOX shared must-know tips for how you can take advantage of this timing, provide long-term value to your customers, and add this continuous revenue stream into your portfolio with little effort. Plus, hot vMOX summer SPIFFs are available to Telarus Partners. The entire recording is available here.

About vMOX

vMOX is a global managed mobility services (MMS) provider that enables enterprises to declare victory over complex IT challenges. They automate, innovate and optimize throughout the entire device lifecycle so you can achieve greater outcomes with less expense, effort, risk, and waste. Intelligent automation, specialized integrations, and advanced software are complemented by expert services and support in a single solution. It’s a win for every enterprise.

A Perfect Storm of Opportunity 

Business forces and market trends are creating an environment that necessitates mobility management, making it ripe for enormous mobility transactions.

  • Changes in the Workplace Post-Pandemic
    • Digital transformation and BPA; support for a distributed, hybrid workforce; mission-critical function of the mobile device
  • Rising Complexity of Enterprise Environment
    • An explosion of apps; the need for cross-departmental collaboration (ITSM, Financial, HR); types and number of devices per person; the need for full lifecycle management
  • HR Shifts and the Great Resignation
    • Resource challenges within IT; the pace of onboarding and offboarding of employees + devices; more focus on automation and security
  • Supply Chain Disruption and Eco-friendly options
    • Desire to reuse, recycle devices
  • Rise of Data Breaches
    • Greater need for mobile device policies, monitoring, and compliance; end-of-life options to protect personal vs. professional data
  • Changing Employee Experience
    • More personalized, integrated, and on-demand experience similar to B2C and impact on Service Desk, Logistics

Getting Started

Starting a conversation about mobility: 6 simple questions to ask a customer

  1. Do you have a corporate-liable mobile environment?
  2. What wireless carriers are being used?
  3. How many total lines of service (traditional and M2M) do you have?
  4. What are you currently doing now? Is mobility managed internally or outsourced? If outsourced, to whom?
  5. What is the biggest problem/pain your organization faces around mobility management? What other problems are you experiencing?
  6. What are the most time-intensive tasks your team handles?

What makes a good customer fit?

vMOX enterprise mobility management solutions are designed for medium to large organizations. To make sure their solutions are a good fit, and that they provide the best service possible, vMOX finds it’s better to discuss who is the best fit early in the sales process.

  • Medium and large enterprises
    • $1B+ revenue and > 2,500 employees
    • Domestic or international
    • Finance, Healthcare, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Supply Chain/Logistics, Energy/Utilities/Waste
  • Minimum of 250 corporate-liable devices or greater than $20K MRR
    • 1,000 – 5,000+ devices is the sweet spot
  • Resource-challenged IT teams
  • Use of enterprise applications and services (e.g., ServiceNow, Microsoft Intune)

Flexible Model

Customers decide what’s right for them, and vMOX bills appropriately.

By adding scope, vMOX unbundled its offering, giving customers flexibility on how to engage them. It also allows them to compete directly with TEM providers that might only be providing Financial Management. They have also significantly discounted their pricing for large opportunities.

Simple Engagement Process

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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