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Best Practices for Building Your Technology Advisor Business

July 27, 2023

It was another stellar turnout at this week’s “Better Business Practices” themed Partner Call. These engaging presentations feature time-tested tips and tricks across various aspects of business operations to enhance your organization’s long-term sustainability and success while also benefiting your clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. 

This week our featured presenter was Tim Basa, Senior VP of Sales. Basa brings to Telarus an impressive history as a strategic advisor, board member, consultant, and business coach. He walked call participants through his “best-of best business practices” based on his decades of telecom sales and leadership experience and conversations with partners in the Telarus community.  

Top takeaways from the July 25th Partner Call: 

(Pssst: We encourage you to listen to the full recording to get the most out of this captivating session with Tim Basa.)   

  • Sell YOU first. What is your promise and why are you different than your competitors? Sell your promise first to establish trust with your client, then you can get into the provider’s promise.  
  • Use different marketing tactics to generate authority and leads. For example, Basa discusses ways you can build brand authority by teaching, such as writing how-to’s and checklists tailored to your client’s needs. 
  • Build a professional practice. If you want to be seen as an expert, Basa encourages you to provide materials that go above and beyond. Here’s where those how-to’s and checklists come in handy again – and don’t underestimate the power of a polished proposal. (Pro tip: Use wedge binders; they always have to sit at the top of the pile because other things will slide off them!) 
  • Create confidence. Documentation is the magic word here. Whatever your organizational method is, make sure you keep careful track of all important client paperwork and can easily access it.  
  • Understand provider service contracts. Basa suggests asking providers for sample contracts before the negotiation process to become familiar with the terms and be able to field questions on behalf of your client. Even a boilerplate will help set you up for success and reinforce your client’s confidence that you are in their corner.  
  • Become the go-to resource for all business technology needs. If you don’t have the answer, you should know how and where to find it. Lean on Telarus to connect you with the best resources so your client doesn’t have to go anywhere else for their technology needs but YOU.
  • Show your clients you care. A thank you note, a birthday card, a summary of measurable results…Basa discusses numerous ways to keep showing up for your clients to stay top of mind and show you care.   
  • Advance confidently with Telarus. Whether you’re in start-up, catch-up or scale-up mode, you can leverage multiple Telarus resources built to help you get to the next level.   
  • Make time for the Telarus Partner Summit, July 31 – Aug 2! Build on all of these best business practices by attending Telarus’ pinnacle partner education event. There are still a few spots left!  See registration info below. 

View the full recording of the July 25 Tuesday Call.   

We hope to see you at the 2023 Telarus Partner Summit in Texas, July 31 – August 2. Learn more and register here. 

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