Cloud Tuesday Call(1-12)

February 24, 2021

The January 12th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Telarus co-founder and chief product officer, Patrick Oborn with the first of seven product and supplier inside calls. The special guest for this was called Telarus VP of business development – Cloud,Koby Phillips, to discuss key objectives for 2021 Cloud strategies, Cloud vocabulary, reviewing Telarus’ Cloud Supplier portfolio, and highlighting upcoming educational and certification opportunities.The entire recording is available here.   

Key Objectives for 2021 Cloud Strategies: 

Telarus wants to continue with its internal education. The goal is to make sure that everyone is speaking the right “Cloud” language to fully understand this space for their partners. Partner education continues to grow with Telarus’ Academies, Pit Stops, continued online presence, and education platforms created for Race to the Summit. Gathering more resources to help partners continue to sell and grow in the space is highly important.   

Cloud Vocabulary You Should Know: 

Edge Computing improves response time and saves bandwidth by bringing computation and data storage closer to the location it is needed. Getting your compute as close to the enduser as possible. With everyone working from home, edge computing is becoming more and more of a topic.  

Workloads are any application, system, or service you are going to use over Cloud-based resources.  

Public Cloud “Onramp” is where you can privately interconnect into some of the public Clouds, it is housed in a data center, and a lot of the big public clouds have built out their onramp setup connectivity to there. This includes your express routes, direct connect, fast connections, etc. It is very secure and more stable and provides you more robust ability to consume data and applications that you use. 

Cloud Pyramid is split into three categories. This structure includes software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service.  


Telarus Cloud Supplier Portfolio: 

(Full list can be found in the presentation) 

  • Providers with Direct Access to the Public Cloud such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Sap Hana are providers in the onramp category and that includes Cologix, Equinix, Switch, Digital Realty, and more.  
  • Colocation providers include iLand, Data Bank, Lumen, Cogent, Thrive, Rackspace, and more.  
  • Private Cloud providers include Synoptek, LunaviFlexentialRapidScale, and others.  
  • IaaS (infrastructure as a service) providers include AT&T, Effortless, Sky Data Vault, Convergia, and others.  
  • BUaaS and DRaaS providers include RapidScaleiLand, Lumen, Synoptek, ConvergiaPowernet, and others.  
  • DaaS/WaaS providers include Dizzion, Managed Solution, Green House Data, Lunavi, and others. 
  • Bare Metal providers Zenlayer, INAP, Synoptek, Data Canopy, AT&T, and others.  
  • Cloud application providers Expedient, Cloud Admin, Cyxtera, Splice, INAP, and others.  
  • Cloud migration specialists include AT&T, Thrive, Managed Solution, IBM Cloud, and others.  
  • CDN providers include Lumen, ZenlayerFlexential, Alibaba Cloud, First Light, and others.  

Upcoming Educational & Certification Opportunities:   

Upcoming Telarus Cloud Academy dates: 

February 24  26, Atlanta, GA. 

April 21  23, Boston, Ma. 

April 26  28, North Carolina. 

June 30 – July 2,  Michigan. 

August 25 – 27, San Francisco, CA. 

September 29 – October 1, Houston, TX. 

October 27 – 29, Bellevue, WA.