Every Client and Every Vertical

June 2, 2020

The May 26th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed VP of sales, John Gonzalez to talk about how Wireless Watchdogs is making life simple for all with “All Mobility Managed” Solutions.   The entire recording is available here.

Managed Mobility Services Made Easy

Wireless Watchdogs works with companies in a range of sizes and industries because we know optimized mobile systems are critical, whether you are building houses, taking care of patients, or trading stocks. Mobility is one of the most significant opportunities in the agent space right now. When it comes to Managed Mobility Services, the cost of managing in-house compared to outsourcing looks like this:

It is important to ask customers how they feel about Managed Mobility Services, and what you’ll find out is that most of the time they are frustrated when it comes to this topic because of the following:

  • It takes up too much of their time.
  • It’s always changing, which causes confusion and ends up frustrating them.
  • It leads to uncontrollable cost, lack of efficiency, and control.
  • Data Overage/Data usage going through the roof, International usage, time being spend on help desk/support issues, ordering & provisioning mobile devices.

Wireless Watchdogs is an outsourced Mobility Management Service company with a promised and proven method to reduce mobile device expenses and the complexity of managing mobile devices for your clients without switching their current mobile carrier(s), disrupting their current service, spending any additional money or asking them to use their devices differently. Wireless Watchdogs is winning across all verticals. If you’re wondering what their value propositions are:

Simplified Mobile Management which includes:

  1. Staging, Kitting & Provisioning of Mobile Devices
  2. Proactive Mobile Optimization – Cost Savings using their existing mobile providers
  3. Mobile Policy Creating & Enforcement
  4. Mobile Security – MDM Mobile Device Management
  5. Device Usage Control
  6. Cost allocation reports
  7. Reporting/Analytics
  8. Mobile Carrier Contract Negotiation Support
  9. Mobility Task & Labor Efficiencies with their Unlimited End-User Mobile Support Desk
  10. Mobile Recycling Program
  11. Global On-Site Technician Services for all installs, device refreshers, etc.

What’s in it for you?

EASY Money: Your clients/prospective clients are suffering from mobility-induced headaches; Wireless Watchdog is the aspirin for those headaches. Because of these headaches, telecom experts like yourselves can differentiate themselves from the competition by offering one of the most comprehensive mobility management services on the market.

Simplicity: They make it simple; there is no learning curve. Once you introduce them, they take over from there and do all the work for you.

Recognition: We all know someone who likes saving money. More importantly, people like other people who help them save money. Strengthen your relationships and get paid at the same time.

Money: Strong evergreen with monthly residual for the life of the client!

Every Client/Every Vertical: Every company has mobile devices so that you can approach every vertical. Many agents are leading with mobility as it’s a “door opener” for other telecom services you sell.

The following is what sets Wireless Watchdogs apart from the rest:

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