Unified Communications

UCaaS Remote Worker Conversation with Vonage, Nextiva, and Fuze

April 3, 2020

The March 31st Telarus Tuesday call welcomed VP of business development – UCaaS, Kameron Olsen to host a panel with some of our top UCaaS suppliers. They will discuss best practices and what successful partners are doing to position themselves during this time. The entire recording is available here.

UCaaS in the New Reality

With every significant event, our reality changes in society. In the last ten years, we have seen a real shift due to 9/11 and the Recession of 2008. Each event changed the way we work, interact, and do business with each other.

COVID-19 will be one of those events that change our status quo, and we will come out of this a very different society compared to what we were going into this. Businesses and employees will have to fight through the struggles of learning to work from home and have a fully remote workforce. UCaaS solutions from companies like Vonage, Nextiva, and Fuze have been enabling these activities for years. Now, as almost a basic necessity for businesses to survive in our new economy, companies will be looking for guidance from solutions providers and expert generalists from our partner community. They are asking us to help them make the transition from Premise Based Phone Systems, and old forms of communications, to new technology that allows people to communicate and collaborate on how, when and where they want. Making this digital transformation will help them adapt to the changing environment and prepare them for other changes coming shortly.

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