Telarus Advanced Solutions: Mobility & IoT Practice Overview

February 17, 2022

The February 15th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Telarus CPO and Co-Founder Patrick Oborn. Patrick Oborn reviewed our Mobility & IoT Practice with Chris Whitaker, VP of Mobility & IoT for Telarus and host of “The Wireless Way” podcast. In this power-packed 90-minute conversation, we learned about Mobility & IoT trends for 2022, discussed how each Telarus provider performed in 2021, overview the new Mobility & IoT suppliers Telarus added to its portfolio in 2021, learned about the different ‘swim lanes’ within Mobility and IoT, and learned first-hand how 5G is going to open doors of opportunity within this channel.

Advanced Solutions Team

Advanced Solutions Team graphic

The Advanced Solutions team focuses on a specialty and nuances of deals and opportunities, leading to growth and success. The team enables partners to sell more in their focused categories.


IoT is one of the seven swim lanes of technology that Telarus focuses on. Here is a brief breakdown of IoT.

  • Sensors
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Soil Moisture
    • Content
    • Video
    • Panic Button
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Bin/Tank Monitoring
    • Occupancy
  • Fleet and Asset Tracking
    • Cold Chain Monitoring
    • AI for Driver Behavior
    • Cargo Monitoring
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Indoor Tracking
  • Reporting
    • Geo-Force
    • Detailed Use
    • Velocity / Acceleration
    • Compliance
  • Mobility
    • Handsets
    • iPads
    • Devices
  • Mobile Network
    • Detail Reporting
    • Device Usage Management
    • Application Filtering
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Cyberese Solutions
  • Expense Management
    • Wireline
    • Mobility

2022: Key Objectives

  • Brand Awareness Expansion
    • Make sure that partners know about the Telarus Mobility Team
  • Partner Education (Local Emphasis)
    • Hosting events
  • Capitalize on Niche Players in the Supplier Portfolio
  • Additional IoT Solution Architect Resources
  • Supplier Alignment and Differentiation

2022: Mobility and IoT Trends to Watch

Graphic showing AI Development, 5G Rollout Continuing, and Eliminating Latency

Different Divisions of Mobility and IoT

Graphic showing Mobility, Managed Mobility Services, Wireless Internet WAN & LAN, IoT Devices

Telarus Mobility Team

Graphic showing Telarus Mobility Team members

One major change from 2020 was creating a Mobility team that will assist partners with all their Mobility and IoT needs.

Devices – What can you measure

  • Temperature Monitoring
    • Food / Vaccines / Blood
  • Security
    • Panic Buttons / Doors / Barriers
  • Tracking
    • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Meters
    • Energy / Gas / Water
  • Compliance and Environment
    • Air Quality / Leak / Soil
  • Access Management
  • Space Utilization and Optimization
  • Bin and Tank Monitoring
  • Rodent Monitoring

IoT Use Cases

Graphic showind various tiles, titled: Cold Storage, Facilities, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare, Labs, Food Services, Water Leak, Tank Levels, Rodent Control, Soil Moisture, Metering, Parking

  • Security
    • Panic Buttons, Doors, Barricades, Perimeter
  • Tracking
    • Indoor, Outdoor
  • Metering
    • Energy, Gas, Water Monitoring
  • Compliance
    • Hospitality, Healthcare, Food Services, Education
  • Occupancy / Space Utilization
    • Desk, Air Quality, Leak, Door, People Count, Survey
  • Asset Condition Monitoring
    • Motors, Tanks, Bins

Patrick provided an overview of Telarus’ providers; watch the Telarus Tuesday Call to get a comprehensive list of our providers.

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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