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Congratulations to Stephanie and EJ on Completing Nextiva’s Implementation Process Advanced Training

July 24, 2020


Telarus’ own Stephanie Coleman and EJ Worton have completed Nextiva’s Implementation Process Training, which means they’re ready to support your sub-agents’ customers as a Telarus-based implementation support team to work hand-in-hand with Nextiva’s implementation team.

This means that Stephanie and EJ are now ready to:

  1. Set correct expectations on the Nextiva’s post-contract/post-sales process
  2. Walk customers through the Nextiva setup process
  3. Act as the customer’s advocate, ensuring all details are covered and understood
  4. Provide end-user training on Nextiva phones, applications, and products
  5. Act as a single point of contact for the customer through the entire sales cycle – from pre-sales through fully implemented and setup
  6. Support Nextiva in getting the correct information/documentation from the customer in a timely manner

For Telarus Sub-Agents, this means that Stephanie and EJ are ready to support your business by:

  1. Representing your company as the Nextiva implementation and Setup advocate for your customers
  2. Acting as a single point of contact for your customers through pre and post sales processes
  3. Assisting in gathering and explaining all necessary documentation and information
  4. Offering additional support for white-glove customers

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