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Expereo Profile

September 23, 2022

The September 20th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Salim Khouri, Director-Global Solutions Engineering, at Expereo. Salim’s presentation introduced us to Expereo, how Expereo builds solutions in the WAN, typical issues that Expereo solves, use case examples, and so much more. The entire recording can be viewed here.

About Expereo

Expereo is a global provider of managed Internet and hybrid networks, SD-WAN, and Cloud connectivity solutions. Our portfolio provides Internet connectivity, Enhanced Internet, network optimization, SD-WAN, network security managed services, and managed professional and field services for network solutions.

With unmatched global reach, Expereo powers enterprise and government sites in over 190 countries. We help customers improve productivity, enhancing the Cloud with agile, flexible, and optimized Internet performance. 

Expereo Profile

Expereo has been a global Wan-managed services leader for the past 18 years and has 563 collaborators and experts from 47 countries. Expereo also has 30 enhanced IP cores distributed strategically on all continents.

Expereo offers global enterprises a unique suite of managed and fully integrated services to connect anywhere at the best performance possible, directly connected to Cloud providers – all transparently exposed on our Expereo one portal. 

Building Solutions

Expereo solutions combine the best-of-breed WAN technologies “Fit for Purpose” for our multi-national customers.

Global Internet

Expereo’s Internet access service with 4000+ suppliers in 195+ countries includes:

  • DIA and Broadband
  • Fixed Wireless Microwave
  • Mobile Broadband 4G/5G
  • Satellite
  • China Premium Internet

Enhanced Internet Access

Expereo’s Enhanced on-net DIA service, available in 21 countries from 30 Expereo Hubs, is powered by our unique XCA technology.


SD-WAN /SASE Solutions with:

  • Cisco Meraki
  • VMware Velocloud
  • Zscaler

Expereo Cloud Fabric / XCA

Our unique IP-Core powered by Expereo Cloud Acceleration (XCA), a BGP-Route Optimization technology, delivers MPLS-level performance over the Internet.

Excellence in Service

  • Global Reach and Logistics
  • Competent Hands in 195 Countries
  • Customer Success and Project Management
  • 24×7 Pro-active Support
  • Single Invoice and MSA
  • Industry Leading Portal
  • SLA commitments

Challenges that our typical customers face: 

  1. IT teams must deal with dozens of ISPs and cannot manage support because of a lack of staff.
  2. Procurement offices must manage dozens of currencies and MSAs for their locations globally.
  3. CIOs are challenged by poor Internet performance in Global markets.
  4. Sites are hard to reach because they are rural or remote.
  5. SD-WAN and SASE didn’t work as expected.
  6. Why Expereo?

Expereo Solutions:

  1. Expereo supports and proactively monitors all its solutions from 5 global Customer Support Centers with experts fluent in 40+ languages. Should a dispatch be required, we have intelligent hands in 195 countries.
  2. Expereo manages currency risks and delivers its solutions with a single invoice, in a single currency, with a single MSA, all backed by SLA commitments.
  3. Expereo is a pioneer in optimizing the Internet’s routing language, BGP, with Expereo Cloud Acceleration (XCA). It built its IP-core with XCA to deliver unparallel Internet connectivity towards IP and cloud destinations, solving many common complaints around internet access in international markets.
  4. Expereo is unique in the industry by serving rural and remote locations familiar with oil/gas, mining, commercial agriculture, and many international places typically avoided by traditional Telco.
  5. Expereo has expert knowledge of SD-WAN/SASE technologies. Expereo understands that successful SD-WAN depends on many factors, including good internet peering and routing, to name one.
  6. We have delivered 40,000+ WAN solutions for the global Fortune 500, covering all international and complex to serve the market.

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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