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Lumen – The Platform for Amazing Things

September 28, 2020

The September 22nd Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Lumen director of marketing, Sam Sundstrom, to discuss everything you need to know about Lumen, from the solutions to the opportunities it brings to customers and your business. The entire recording is available here.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

Technology has always defined how people and businesses engage with one another. Every so often, we see a rapid and significant shift in technological achievements. These achievements are known as “industrial revolutions,” and  include steam, electricity, and semiconductors. Today we stand on the edge of the next great technological change, a 4th Industrial Revolution. This one is driven by data, and it promises to transform the way we all live, work, and thrive. The 4th Industrial Revolution focuses on monetizing the amount of data we all produce. To truly harness the power of the 4th Industrial Revolution, businesses must be data-driven, meaning they must excel at three things:

All of this data is intense; it requires a robust app structure and new architecture  to meet the market’s demands. Applications are the interface between our next-generation technologies and how we derive value from them. They are the means for businesses to provide differentiated experiences. Lumen was created to support this ecosystem of applications.

Why Lumen?

Lumen is a company designed specifically to address the dynamic data and application needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The core purpose of Lumen is to further human progress through technology. Lumen believes humanity is always at its best when it is producing innovative technologies that advance the ways we live and work. The Lumen platform is the result of all their network assets, cloud and edge connectivity, security, and collaboration solutions coming together to deliver the fastest, most secure platform for next-generation applications and data. It manages for latency and performance, allowing applications to live across a variety of environments that bring compute services close to where they are needed, when they are needed. This platform is designed to enable businesses to truly capitalize on their data, quickly embrace emerging technologies that will reshape their business, and efficiently deliver the innovation that will redefine our way of life.

By operating the fastest, most secure platform for next-generation applications and data, Lumen aims to deliver the world’s best customer experience.

Powerful Solutions

The Lumen Platform is supported by a combination of four complementary pillars:

The first pillar is Adaptive Networking. Their adaptive network delivers data services that businesses need with a set of hybrid networking solutions built on their worldwide fiber network. The Lumen adaptive network can account for real-time usage fluctuations and long-term, scalable growth. This means the data needs of the application or specific business cases can be dynamically controlled from the application all the way down to the network.

The second pillar is Edge Cloud & IT Agility. The Lumen Platform combines edge cloud and IT agility capabilities for high-performance, low-latency data, and application experiences. By using Lumen edge computing solutions to move data and applications closer to their users, businesses can take advantage of emerging technologies.

The third pillar is Connected Security. The entire Lumen Platform is reinforced with intelligent, automated threat detection and a built-in response to safeguard data and applications. Their Rapid Threat Defense is embedded into Lumen network services, proactively detecting, and blocking malicious traffic. Lumen security solutions are designed to empower businesses to tailor their security policies based on individual risk assessments.

Finally, the fourth pillar is Collaboration. The Lumen Platform enables modern communications and collaboration solutions designed to drive greater productivity, interactivity, and engagement. Lumen communications and collaboration solutions offer businesses the flexibility to adapt to an increasingly digital workforce’s rapidly changing workplace demands.

Lumen offers a flexible, secure, and managed foundation, bridging networking, edge cloud, security, and collaboration to accelerate market innovation and growth.

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