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2020 Telarus Supplier Overview Part 1- CCaaS and UCaaS

January 27, 2020

The January 21st Telarus Tuesday call welcomed CPO & co-founder, Patrick Oborn, for a deep dive into the Telarus UCaaS and CCaaS portfolio.  The entire recording is available here.

2020 Telarus Supplier Overview: UCaaS

Back in 2018 and 2019, we used to always talk about integrations (Open APIs) being the key driver.  “Does your phone system talk to your CRM?” This was a question we always encouraged our partners to start with, but today that is shifting more towards video conferencing, team messaging, and contact center functionality.  This seems to be the trend as we look at the chart below. Open APIs, something that was so important a year ago, is now in fourth place. Meanwhile, video conferencing has taken over the UCaaS world.

UCaaS providers are not created equal, so what are some key factors in selecting a UCaaS vendor?

  • Video Conferencing Capability
  • Teams
  • Contact Center Functionality
  • APIs (Clouds talking to other Clouds)
  • Contact Center Platform Integration
  • SMS Capability (Ability to interact with Millennials)
  • Physical Path of Traffic (International)
  • Overseas Deployment Capability
  • International Call Volume
  • White-Glove Installation (On-Site vs. Drop-Ship)
  • Call Volume/Call Duration
  • Built-in CRM
  • Term/Commitment

Telarus has tools you can use when selecting a vendor. Don’t use a tool that is a “Choose Your Adventure,” use the Telarus UCaaS Matrix in the back office or Mobile App to select the exact criteria that are critical to your customers.

Are your customers looking to make the shift from prem to cloud? Many vendors are getting creative on the move from prem to cloud; some are offering discounts, credits, and free months. Check out promos.telarus.com for a list of special incentives to migrate these pre users. Take a look below to see the changes that have occurred in the Telarus UCaaS Portfolio over the past three years.

2020 Telarus Supplier Overview: CCaaS

Like UCaaS, the contact center landscape is also changing. Improving adoption of CCaaS can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased loyalty, increased loyalty leads to repeat business and improved customer advocacy, thereby reducing customer churn. CCaaS can lead to improved agent utilization and efficiency, ultimately driving cost savings. So, what are the greatest benefits of adopting CCaaS?

While the benefits of CCaaS are substantial, the risks of not implementing CCaaS are perilous. Inconsistent customer experiences can lead to higher levels of customer churn; this creates operational inefficiency. The largest potential risk associated with not adopting CCaaS is increased IT budgets driven by high IT infrastructure costs.

So, what are some key factors in selecting a CCaaS vendor?

  • Chat Capability (Human and AI)
  • Speech Recognition Apps
  • IVR Functionality
  • Video
  • Co-Browsing
  • Modular Cost (Ability to add individual elements)
  • Physical Path of Traffic (International)
  • Overseas Deployment Capability
  • Discounts of UCaaS seats
  • White-Glove Installation/Implementation
  • Workforce Management Plug-ins
  • Native SIP Integration
  • Outage History

Use the Telarus CCaaS Matrix and Business Development Team to help you design and engage with the right provider.

Take a look below to see the changes that have occurred in the Telarus CCaaS Portfolio over the past three years.

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