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Niche and Speciality Providers(2-16)

February 24, 2021

The February 16th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed back Telarus co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Patrick Oborn with the sixth of seven product and supplier inside calls. The special guest for this call was Telarus VP of Engineering, Josh Lupresto, to discuss niche and specialty providers. The entire recording is available here.

Track Record of Consistent Growth:

As Telarus has grown, suppliers have been carefully picked to go to market with. More employees have been hired, and more technology has been built to support partners. There has been a steady increase in growth from 2002 to 2015, and growth rapidly increases starting in 2015 and continuing until 2021.

 Telehealth Made Easy:

Two trauma nurses created lightning MD to make healthcare simple. Lightning MD Telehealth allows customers to have a private patient video exam room for patient visits. Patients can create their appointments on the calendar, receive texts with the private video exam room link, and connect to the visit without downloading multiple apps.

Medical Billing Platform as a Service (MBPaaS):

Medical billing has caused issues for not only patients but doctors as well. Lightning MD created a platform to simplify this process for everyone and was created by those in the medical field. Doctors do not get paid on 25% of their claims because of inaccuracies. Lightning MD has automated checks to ensure that every claim is accurate and filed electronically. Customers of LMD increased collections to 98% and reduced the average payment turn-around by five days using the platform.

Niche Mobility Suppliers:

Handset and Device Activations: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile

Handset and Device Resellers: MetTel, Kore, Data2Go Wireless, Granite, and DynaLink

Handset and Device Marketplace: The Mobility Marketplace

Mobility Auditing/Management: vMOX, Wireless Watchdogs, Warner Telecomm, Mobile Solutions, Advantix, Motus, Webbing

Plan Usage – Active Management: CyberReef


Niche Marketing Services:

Vivial is a fantastic platform if your business is looking for different marketing services. They offer different services that are tailored to your needs.

Though Horizon is another marketing provider, they are offering a social selling program. This B2B platform automatically distributes personalized, on-brand messaging, and the latest industry-specific content while giving salespeople a say in what they post.

More Niche Suppliers:

Physical security suppliers: Comm-core and YourSix

Security and monitoring services to keep your business safe.

Active shooter defense: Defendry

A defense that maximizes safety, minimizes liability, saves lives, and deters violence automatically.

Aeriel drone surveys: ConnexiCore

Delivers actionable insights in a convenient Cloud-based platform and captures the content and data you need.

Receptionist as a service: Ruby

A full-time virtual assistant can answer calls, routing and transferring, customer intake, messages, and more.

For more information on the niche suppliers and providers listed, click here.