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Welcome to 8×8

June 1, 2020

The May 19th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed channel sales engineer, Chris Hamlett, to talk about how 8×8 Contact Center helps create compelling customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey by leveraging insights and facilitating engagement with an immersive and total approach to customer experiences.  The entire recording is available here.

Who is 8×8?

8×8 has been in the business since 1987, since then they have built their own full technology stack to have over two-hundred patents. They also have a global footprint, including deployment centers on five different continents.

As many of you are aware, expectations have changed forever due to COVID-19. Here is how 8×8 has been helping with all the change:

  • Speed is the new competitive battlefield.
  • Chat, SMS, social are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Employees and customers expect instant information access.
  • Data-driven content, relevance, proactiveness are the new norms.
  • Scale, rate of technological change create complexity that requires simplification to manage.

They believe that powerful customer experiences happen by design. The right combination of platform extensibility and collaboration are required to:

  • Support the Entire Journey – regardless of physical location, channel, application, and/or device
  • Leverage Insights – from the customer journey to proactively enhance and simplify the agent and customer experience
  • Facilitate Engagement – across the entire organization for an effective, immersive and total approach to CX

8×8 does all the above by using one cloud platform.

Contact Center

When it comes to Contact Center, they have a group of innovative technologies.


8×8 has several different Routing capabilities within their Contact Center Platform.

  • Skills-based routing
  • Dialer: predictive & preview
  • Voice, chat, email, SMS, social media
  • Direct Connect
    • Route to the same agent
  • Intelligent IVR
    • ASR+NLP, AI-enabled self-service

Intelligent Routing is not intelligent unless you can simplify it and make it work for your organization. With 8×8’s intelligent routing, you get the following:

  • Simplified set up with workflow builder
  • Seamlessly handle all interactions through an intuitive workflow
  • Holistic reporting across all channels
  • Link multiple interactions to a single journey


8×8 offers customer journey mapping; this means they own the entire journey from the UC portion through the Contact Center portion. They can map all of this out for your customers.

  • Customer journey mapping
    • Historical and real-time reporting
  • Includes configurable dashboards and templates
  • IVR journey analytics
    • Highlights opportunities to improve the CX

Here is how you can use reporting and analytics for more in-depth insights:

  • Customize dashboards and wallboards using predefined widgets with drag-and-drop editing.
  • Set thresholds to highlight in real-time areas outside of targeted boundaries.
  • Expand agent visibility into their own performance.

Workforce Engagement Management

Workforce Engagement Management is what 8×8 uses to drive productivity and improve experiences.

  • Empower supervisors to see a complete picture of the customer interaction.
  • Highlight, save, and share specific moments of interactions using the Conversation Highlighter.
  • Correlate customer survey data with quality data.
  • Highlight common topics and categories with a graphical view; drill down to the details to learn more.

To learn more about 8×8, visit, www.8×