Network Engineering

Carrier-Neutral Network Engineering

Partners can increase close ratios on large, complex deals with a Telarus Engineer to assist in designing and diagramming a custom solution. Whether it’s consulting with partners to establish  a game plan, or collaborating on a solution with a customer, our engineering department will help close sophisticated deals.  Partners gain credibility with their customers by bringing resources to the table that are similar to direct carrier sales teams. 

CCIE Network Engineer

Project Deliverables Provided by Telarus Engineers:

Visio Diagrams

Visio Diagrams

Client Presentations

Client Presentations

Carrier Selection

Carrier Selection

Implementation Oversight

Implementation Oversight

"The Telarus sales engineering group tipped the scales of my $100K+ deal in my favor. Without question.”

Telarus Network Engineering Solutions

Blake Darling, CEO of Complete Communications

Telarus Network Engineering Program

Most big-ticket sales in telecom are often very complicated and technical, requiring expertise and skill to close. The Telarus Engineering Department provides partners with that much-needed help, under their own brand, to consult, advise, and engineer solutions for their clients, resulting in a nearly 100% close-rate. Telarus Engineering, led by Tyler Smith, Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE), is a shared resource available to all partners. Available at no risk to partners. Receive free project discovery calls. Consult with a Telarus support manager for more information.

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Contact Tyler Smith, CCIE, today at: or call (801) 890-2266.

Common Questions About the Program

1. How do I engage with Telarus Engineering?

To initiate contact with Telarus Engineering, contact partner support to request an appointment. They will arrange a consultation with an engineer as soon as possible to discuss your opportunity.

2. Will Telarus Engineers work under my brand on all customer appointments and correspondences?

Yes. Engineers are here to help partners close the big deals, not to make a name for Telarus or introduce brand confusion. Send them your polos!

3. Will the Engineering Team, or a member of it, travel for in-person client presentations?

Yes. A member of the Engineering Team can travel to meet with partner clients in person. Travel arrangements and time will be evaluated by the engineer based on the requirements of the deal.

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