Account Management

Telarus values relationships and is committed to providing next level support, with a personal touch.  

Account Management  is the proactive approach to retaining and growing your accounts. Telarus offers skilled professionals who have expertise in relationship development, retention, and growth.

How It Works

Telarus provides account managers that will take on the task of day to day support, so you can spend your time doing what you do best.  Telarus will ensure a smooth transition, alleviate the burden of managing changes, and free up valuable time for our partners and their customer’s. On top of our friendly and responsive customer service, we will take care of the following items in managing your client portfolio:

Support Management


Adds or Changes


Pricing and Quoting


Case Study and FAQ

Nichole Enoch, Telarus head of the Account Management department delivers a case study that show how Telarus account management can cut customer loss in half and increase your monthly income!  Click the button below to see a written recap of the presentation, or just watch the video here.

See the Presentation Blog Recap


When it comes to relationship development, the greatest success is from providing consistent, friendly, and helpful service. To ensure your customers have a great experience, Telarus will call them at specific milestones.  They will be contacted one week after the install to review how the install went and to make sure everything is performing as expected. One month after the install, the customer’s first bill is reviewed and any adjustments necessary are made.  This repeats every 3 months. Calls are always productive, whether it’s reviewing a bill, or soliciting valued feedback on how their installs or ongoing services are working. Customers are always encouraged to reach out for any need or issue, and are provided the resources to do so. 

Resources and Tools Available to Partners

  • Customized Reports: To measure performance, Telarus provides quarterly reports to review of the health of your Base and the strategy's effectiveness. These reports include:

    1. Who is coming up for renewal
    2. Who largest customers are
    3. Changes that have occurred on the account, including any losses or gains
    4. Additional services that could be offered
    5. Customers that are delinquent or who may have left

  • Marketing: Monthly Marketing Drips can be sent featuring special promotions or technology
  • Telarus Back Office: Telarus built a customized CRM type database to easily manage customer’s contact info, documents, orders, and any notes relating to the account. Additionally, Telarus can include promotions that may benefit clients, and SPIFFs that Partners can take advantage of.
  • White Labeling: Your business appears larger and says to your customers that you care by assigning a full time resource to address their needs.  Send white labeled emails, and telephone numbers with area codes that match your office location.
  • Ongoing Training: Telarus Account Managers receive ongoing training which addresses changing Technology, and up to date information on Carrier Changes and procedures.

The Telarus Promise

By allowing Telarus Account Management professionals to free up your time, you will be able to focus on growing your base, with the peace of mind that your clients are in good hands.  

To take your clientele base to the next level, please contact Telarus for more information regarding pricing on our our Al la Carte Services (to manage a specific account), or to manage your entire base.

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