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Telarus StatusVue
Order Status Tool

Save Time

When you work with Telarus, you won’t have to fear the “what is the status of my order?!” question from your customers. It’s just a click away!

When we surveyed our partners looking for ways that we could help them better leverage their time, over 70% told us that chasing down order status updates was a major hindrance to growth. After all, spending time looking for information on a deal that has already closed is nothing but a time tax on everyone.

How Telarus StatusVue Saves You Time

In response to this feedback, our software development team built a "robot army" to manually login to each of our supplier back office portals and download a fresh order status report, each and every night. Once those reports have been downloaded into our system, we then created an interface that we call Telarus StatusVue.


See the status of all of your orders; both on your phone and in the Telarus agent back office portal.

Free to Use

Only Telarus partners gain free access to this tool.

Visual Flow Chart

Know where in the overall process the status is situated.

Status Log

Not a visual person? Use the status log for a detailed list of all of the updates on your orders.