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Empowering growth at every step, our learning tracks are designed to reflect the unique career phases and backgrounds of our diverse community

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Telarus University Educational Events

Joining Telarus University means more than just access to educational resources; it’s an opportunity to transform your career. Through our structured learning opportunities, deep dives into technology specialties, and engagement with a vibrant community, you’re not just growing your knowledge — you’re expanding your potential.

Whether you’re looking to develop your product sales expertise, build meaningful industry relationships, or master the art of demand generation, Telarus University is here to guide you every step of the way.

Unlock your full potential and usher in a new era of success in your career with Telarus University.

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Gear Up

Telarus University – Gear Up events are tailored for technology advisors eager to dive into the Services, Solutions, and Tools that Telarus offers. These events are perfect for both new and existing Telarus advisors looking to enhance their understanding of our resources and how to effectively use them to win in a competitive market. Our Gear Up events are packed with educational sessions and numerous networking opportunities, designed to help you leverage Telarus’ comprehensive portfolio of Suppliers to close deals and grow your business. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your tech advisor toolkit and connect with industry peers.

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Anchor In

Telarus University – Anchor In events are designed to empower technology advisors with the latest marketing, business best practices, and sales strategies. These comprehensive eight-hour workshops focus on leveraging available resources to tackle and solve client challenges effectively. Participants will leave feeling confident and ready for any customer conversation, thanks to practical exercises that transform theory into actionable insights for real-world scenarios. “Anchor In” events are specifically tailored to prepare advisors to navigate and overcome the toughest challenges in today’s competitive marketplace, making them a must-attend for professionals looking to enhance their skills and success.

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Telarus University – Ascend events offer technology advisors a unique opportunity to expand their solutions portfolio and gain in-depth knowledge about Telarus’ advanced solutions. Each event is tailored to specific technologies, focusing on Cloud & Cybersecurity, Customer Experience (CX) through UCaaS & CCaaS, or Advanced Networking with Mobility & IoT. These sessions provide advisors with strategies for broadening client discussions to encompass a wider range of sales topics beyond their primary technology. Featuring presentations by top technology suppliers, interactive learning sessions, and networking opportunities with industry leaders, Ascend events are essential for anyone looking excel in the technology advisory field. Join us to connect with peers and learn from channel leaders in a collaborative environment.

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Partner Summit

Telarus Partner Summit is the ultimate event for education and recognition in the industry. Featuring over 40 educational sessions, keynote speakers, a comprehensive supplier tradeshow, and ample networking opportunities, this event is a must-attend for those looking to stay ahead in technology and innovation. With fun activities and the latest technology reveals, the Partner Summit offers an unmatched experience. Don’t miss out on this key industry event!

There are so many puzzle pieces agents can advise our clients on (network, cybersecurity, CX, cloud, etc.) however, sometimes it’s hard to understand exactly how those pieces can fit together. Partner Summit helped to shine light on the front of the puzzle box so that I can better understand how to help my clients assemble those pieces.

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