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Elevate Your Customer Discovery Process


SolutionVue is a sales assessment platform that intelligently matches your customers’ near-term and future priorities with technologies from a knowledgebase of over 400 certified Telarus suppliers. It powers Quick Solution Assessment (QSA) modules – self-guided questionnaires that automate initial customer discovery for technology-specific areas. Each QSA creates a personalized recommendation plan in seconds, complete with supplier suggestions, industry definitions and best practices, and questions to ask suppliers. It puts you in charge of the sales opportunity, boosts your credibility, and removes friction from your customer’s buying process.

Quick Solution Assessments

Cloud QSA

Cloud icon

Cloud Topics Covered

Managed Services
Cloud Infrastructure
Data Center & Colocation
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Data Privacy & Compliance
Advanced Cloud Technologies

Contact Center QSA

Headphones icon

Contact Center Topics Covered

Core Contact Center
Omnichannel Engagement
Automated Self-Service
3rd Party Intergrations
Workforce Engagement
Business Process Outsourcing
Consulting & Implementation

Cybersecurity QSA

key icon

Cybersecurity Topics Covered

Network Protection
Employee Protection
Data Protection
Corporate Governance & Compliance

Accelerate Discovery

SolutionVue modules icon

SolutionVue™ and the modules that make up the platform are advanced tools that assist you with expanding the depth and complexity of your conversations with your clients across emerging and established technologies.

Increase Credibility

SolutionVue wallet icon

SolutionVue™ will help you have the confidence to initiate complex discussions with your clients via the step-by-step process within each QSA, which will, in turn, increase your credibility with your clients and increase wallet share as integrated deals are crafted.

Brand Your Way

SolutionVue customization icon

SolutionVue™ QSA’s can be white-labeled and are fully customizable to match your style guide. The customizations include color schemes, and branding aspects like the ability to add your company’s logo.

Nick Prosser

“We love that Telarus is continuing to invest in new technology that not only allows me to have better conversations about technology that is not my forte, but it does it all with my own branding,” said Nick Prosser, Managing Partner of Atlas IP. “We’ve been using it extensively the past month and have seen a very positive response from our customers; definitely a value-add to our business.”

Nick Prosser – Sales Director, Atlas IP

Successful Customer Discovery to Drive Your Sales

SolutionVue removes the guesswork from your initial customer discovery conversations. Each SolutionVue QSA consists of step-by-step action plans that provide in-depth recommendations, education, and quantified business risks for your customers based on their responses. Let us boost your credibility and sales by helping you prescribe the best technical solutions in the channel.

To learn more contact your sales representative for details!

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SolutionVue™ Education

Explore Telarus University learning for SolutionVue and the QSA’s to take control of your sales and increase the value you bring to your customers

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How to Access a QSA powered by

SolutionVue QSA flow
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