Telarus SolutionVue

SolutionVue is a self-guided sales assessment platform. It intelligently matches customers’ short- and long-term priorities with technologies from a proprietary knowledge base of over 400 certified suppliers in Telarus’ core markets.

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Elevate Your Customer Discovery Process

SolutionVue improves the value of your customer engagements by using domain-based questionnaires that intelligently guide your discovery process. Offering complete customization for each customer discussion, it recommends top supplier alternatives, resources, cost optimization considerations, and process best practices.  

Quick Solution Assessments

SolutionVue Quick Solution Assessments (QSA) are self-guided questionnaires that automate initial customer discovery for technology-specific areas. Each QSA creates a personalized recommendation plan in seconds, complete with supplier suggestions, industry definitions and best practices, and questions to ask suppliers. It puts you in charge of the sales opportunity, boosts your credibility, and removes friction from your customer’s buying process.


Customer Experience (CX) Technologies Generative AI and Cloud

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Managed Services Cloud Infrastructure Data Center & Colocation Backup & Disaster Recovery Data Privacy & Compliance Advanced Cloud Technologies

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Contact Center

Core Contact Center Omnichannel Engagement
Automated Self-Service
3rd Party Integrations
Workforce Engagement
Business Process Outsourcing
Consulting & Implementation

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Network Protection Employee Protection
Data Protection
Corporate Governance & Compliance

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How SolutionVue Helps You

It creates a responsive questionnaire that guides the conversation to ensure that the most critical needs are considered and prompts you to ask your customers the right questions at the right times. Based on responses to initial questions, it will adjust subsequent follow-ups to probe into customer technology gaps.

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It creates a prioritized action plan that includes suppliers, best-practice education, and quantified business risk, and then ranks the top three supplier recommendations per solution area. Plus, it will customize each assessment experience to suit the unique needs of each customer.

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Now you can deliver the same high-quality assessments to customers as the largest technology consulting firms and play an integral role in every step of the design and procurement journey.

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Key Benefits of SolutionVue

Increase solution and technology credibility with your customers.

Access current vendor content for relevant recommendations.

Compete with large system integrators.

Earn more selling into technology categories that are new to you.

SolutionVue Education

Explore Telarus University learning for SolutionVue and unlock cost considerations, supplier recommendations, and the value of implementing each solution.

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Go Beyond with Telarus

Discover unparalleled insights, access, and guidance to help you succeed and grow.