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Telarus CommissionVue

Every Commission Tells a Success Story

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Track your commissions with precision and confidence through Telarus CommissionVue. As an active or prospective sales partner, gain real-time insights, timely and accurate payments, and experience the unique Telarus advantage with four discrete teams dedicated to the commission lifecycle.


Michael Brown: (00:03)
Hello everyone. I’m Michael Brown, SVP of Technology here at Telarus, and today I am excited to announce the release of CommissionVue, our new commission dashboard. Now, this product came about largely from working with our commission advisory council, made up of partners just like you. We had them come into our office. We talked with them about what they’d like to see us work on, and the commission dashboard was one of several key items they helped us identify. Now, there’s a lot of information that’s now available to you in CommissionVue, but today I really want to talk about three of the key features. First is the ability to drill down through the graphical views to get to the subset of orders that make up each of the available metrics. Now, the graphical context content is going to allow you to visually spot changes, trends, or anomalies in your commission.

Michael Brown: (00:50)
Then you’ll be able to drill down through those visuals to get to the specific orders to see exactly what’s happening. Once you’re there, you’ll also have the ability to export those orders to an Excel format. Second is the integration with our commission inquiry system. So anytime you’re looking at a tabular view with order records within CommissionVue, you’ll be able to quickly create a commission inquiry. We’ll capture all of the data about that order record. You’ll be able to add a subject, a description, and what you’d like our commission team to research, as well as creating that new case. You’ll also be able to see if there is already a case open on that order record. Perhaps the Telarus Revenue Assurance team has analyzed your orders. They’ve proactively opened a case with a supplier on your behalf. You’ll be able to open that existing case to review the activity with a single button click Third true variance reporting.

Michael Brown: (01:45)
Now, the new variance report’s gonna allow you to identify three key types of commissions, orders that have received their first payment, orders that did not receive a payment this month, and then orders that paid, but the payment is different from the previous month. Within that view, you’re gonna be able to quickly sort orders. You’re gonna be able to apply filters. A great example of this. Maybe you have limited time and you only want to review the commissions that have decreased by 2% or more. It’s easily done with the new variance reporting while you’re exploring this new product. Also, watch for the learn more buttons within the application. Those will launch training videos describing in detail the features of CommissionVue. Thank you and enjoy.

You can rely on our experienced teams to deliver the compensation you have earned. We strive to proactively identify and resolve commission discrepancies on your behalf, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

 Accurate And Timely Commission Payments

Experience the commitment of CommissionVue’s investigation service in ensuring accurate and timely commission payments. Our approach to fiscal success includes:

Proactive Commission Management:

Dispute Resolution:

Revenue Assurance:

Payment Processing and Reporting:

Commissions Data Visibility

Our dedicated team actively monitors your commissions, ensuring accuracy and identifying discrepancies.

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Disputes are handled efficiently and effectively, with a focus on transparent communication and quick resolution.

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Rest easy knowing your revenue is assured through continuous monitoring and safeguarding against discrepancies.

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We boast an industry-leading on-time payment history backed by a robust payment processing and reporting mechanism.

Access historical trends and real-time insights through our custom-built portal tailored for sales partners. CommissionVue™ puts you in control of your earnings, providing at-a-glance information that keeps your business on track.

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Telarus CommissionVue goes beyond the expected, with line-by-line variance checks and proactive discrepancy resolution.

Line-by-line Variance Checks:  

Detailed scrutiny ensures that each line of every supplier statement matches expectations, opening cases when needed.

Resolving Discrepancies with Suppliers:

Our strong relationships with suppliers enable us to resolve discrepancies quickly, keeping your commission flow steady.

We’re thrilled to introduce new improvements to the CommissionVue™ Dashboard, designed to streamline your experience and provide insights tailored to your business needs. Explore the features that put you in control:

  • Unified Orders & Payments View: Review all orders and pending payments in an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Customizable Commission Trends: Personalize your views to see your commission trend by Supplier, enhancing your insights.
  • Detailed Commission Variance Data: Gain a precise understanding of your commission variance with in-depth data.
  • Stage & Amount Commission Status: Keep track of your commission status by stage and amount for transparent monitoring.
  • Insights into Business Growth: Quickly identify areas where your business is increasing or decreasing, empowering strategic decisions.
  • Historical & Current Data Access: Easy access to both current and historical data lets you see the big picture.
  • Quick Drill-Down Features: Swiftly navigate to a particular order or customer record for focused examination.
  • Effortless Commission Inquiry Creation: Initiate a Commission Inquiry on a specific order directly from CommissionVue™.
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How to Access CommissionVue™

  1. Login to Back Office

  2. Click Commissions in Left-hand Navigation

  3. Click Dashboard in menu

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Commission Experience

You can rely on our experienced teams to deliver the compensation you have earned. We strive to proactively identify and resolve commission discrepancies on your behalf, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Our proactive variance checklist reviews:

Discrepancies in MRC billings

Missing commissions


Reduction of commission payment

SPIFF payments

Expected One-Time commissions

Discrepancy in commission rates

First Bill Reviews

Supplier disconnect, cancel, and downgrade reports

CommissionVue™ LMS Training

For more in-depth information on how to get the most from your Commissions Experience check out our quick tutorials within Telarus University.

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