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"GeoQuote has had a profound effect on commercial telecom. Before Telarus had the insight and fortitude to build the industry's first real-time quoting tool, it was almost impossible for an agent to get pricing for a client in a reasonable time frame. With the advent of GeoQuote, many thousands of businesses have been able to find and compare the different telecommunications providers without waiting days to do so. GeoQuote is amazing!"

Dan Baldwin, President
Telecom Association

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GeoQuote Quick Facts
  1. GeoQuote is connected to over 30 carrier pricing systems
  2. GeoQuote is over 1,000,000 lines of code and is maintained by two full-time employees
  3. GeoQuote powers thousands of public-facing web sites using our "GeoQuote XML Plug-in" technology
  4. GeoQuote is the technology behind CarrierQuoteShop.com, the web's only open quoting portal
  5. GeoQuote has the capability of locating metro fiber routes and lit buildings

"Protecting our ideas is key to our success. We spend a lot of time thinking of new and creative ways to improve the customer and agent experience, and thanks to the USPTO and our attorneys, we don't have to worry about someone using those same ideas to compete against us."

GeoQuote: Providing Agents Real-Time Quotes Since 2003

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After we had created and filed for a United States patent on our new real-time quoting system in 2003, we needed to give it a name. The term "GeoQuote" just made sense, since the price of T1 and other commercial telecom products are so sensitive to geography. Since then GeoQuote has become a term that has gained universal acceptance and use in the context of our real-time price engine.

All of our marketing web sites are endowed with GeoQuote so that our visitors get instant gratification when looking for pricing and availability. (watch video)

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Use this form to generate a real-time quote using GeoQuote, our patented real-time quoting technology. GeoQuote can currently generate real-time quotes for only these products listed below:

  • Cable (Coax)
  • Business DSL
  • Data T1
  • Bonded T1
  • Data DS3
  • Wireless 3G
  • Local Voice / PRI
  • Integrated Voice/Data
  • Integrated SIP
  • Long Distance T1/DS3
  • Ethernet over Copper

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If you are looking for a quote on a product that is more complex than a basic T1, use our "GeoQuote LITE" form to get in contact with one of our top "high end" agents who can get you a quote on just about everything, including:

  • MPLS Networks
  • International VPLS
  • Point to Points
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Fast Ethernet
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wireless 4G
  • Cable (MetroE)
  • SIP Trunks
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Colocation
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GeoQuote Patent Information

Title: System and method to determine and deliver quotes for distance-sensitive communication links from multiple service providers
Inventors: Patrick Oborn and Aaron Jay Lieberman
US Patent Number: 7,916,844, 7,496,184
Patent Attorney: Cooley Godward Kronish LLP
Christopher Hutter
11951 Freedom Drive, Suite 1700
One Freedome Square - Reston Town Center
Reston, VA 20190-5061
Abstract: To facilitate real-time pricing, an embodiment of the invention retrieves multiple quotes from multiple databases associated with multiple service providers. Information regarding a customer's location, and the locations of multiple service providers are used to determine the cost of services associated with each of the multiple service providers in real-time. The retrieved quotes are compared, and quotes below a pre-determined price threshold are provided to a user in real-time (e.g., via the Internet). The user can select a desired quote from the quotes provided, and purchase or request more information regarding the desired quote online.
Priority: This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/517,916, filed on Nov. 7, 2003.
Field of the Invention: The invention relates generally to providing quotes for communications services. More specifically, the invention relates to providing quotes for distance-sensitive communication links from multiple service providers.
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