Telarus is on a mission to come to you and arm you with new skills, tools, and networking opportunities by hosting hundreds of fun and creative events all over the country.


September '20

Golf Tournament 1-Sep Akron, OH
Surfing with the Owners 2-Sep Bolsa Chica, CA
Channel Partners 8-11-Sep Las Vegas, NV
Bootcamp- Cloud 16-Sep Dallas, TX
Pit Stop- CCaaS 17-Sep Northern NJ
Golf Tournament 17-Sep SLC, UT
Golf Tournament 22-Sep Foxwoods, CT
Bootcamp-Cloud & CCaaS 22-Sep Seattle, WA
Pit Stop- CCaaS 24-Sep San Antonio, TX
Golf Tournament 24-Sep Half Moon Bay, CA
UK Launch 24-Sep London
Golf Tournament 30-Sep Denver, CO

October '20

Golf Tournament 5-Oct Dallas, TX
Bootcamp- CCaaS 6-Oct Calgary, CN
Golf Tournament 8-Oct Houston, TX
Partner Advisory Council-
Contact Center
12-14-Oct Snowbird, UT
Partner Advisory Council-
14-16-Oct Snowbird, UT
Bootcamp- Cloud & Security 14-Oct San Antonio, TX
Bootcamp- Cloud & Security 15-Oct Austin, TX
Bootcamp- Security & IoT 16-Oct Birmingham, AL
Golf Tournament 20-Oct Phoenix, AZ
Bootcamp-Security & IoT 20-Oct Boston, MA
Bootcamp- IoT 22-Oct Seattle, WA
Bootcamp- Security 22-Oct West Palm, FL
Golf Tournament 22- Oct Orange County, CA
Bootcamp-Security & IoT 27-Oct Atlanta, GA
Bootcamp- CCaaS 29-Oct Kansas City, KS
Bootcamp- CCaaS 29-Oct Denver, CO
Bootcamp- CCaaS 29-Oct Northern, VA

November '20

Bootcamp- CCaaS 3-Nov Knoxville, TN
Bootcamp- Security & CCaaS 3-Nov Portland, OR
Bootcamp- Security 4-Nov Phoenix, AZ
Bootcamp- CCaaS 5-Nov Detroit, MI
Bootcamp- Security 5-Nov Dallas, TX
Bootcamp- IoT 10-Nov NorCal, CA
Bootcamp- CCaaS 10-Nov Toronto, Canada
Bootcamp- IoT 10-Nov Northern CA
Pit Stop- Security 11-Nov Boston and NY
Bootcamp- CCaaS 12-Nov Jacksonville, FL
President’s Club 14-17-Nov Puerto Vallarta
Bootcamp- CCaaS 18-Nov San Antonio, TX
Bootcamp- CCaaS 19-Nov Austin, TX
Bootcamp- Cloud 19-Nov Vancouver, CA

December '20

Bootcamp- Security 1-Dec Nashville, TN
Bootcamp- Security 3-Dec SLC, UT
Bootcamp- IoT 8-Dec Philadelphia, PA
Innovation Conference/Holiday Party 8-Dec Birmingham, AL
Bootcamp- Security 10-Dec Cleveland, OH
Golf Tournament 10-Dec Bowling Green, FL


Telarus hosts webinars throughout the month to provide up-to-date education and information on an ever-changing industry. The Telarus Tuesday Call is the most consistent and well-known of these webinars. It is a weekly webinar with a vast array of topics presented to our telecom agents on promotions, contests, best practices, events, and new carrier additions.

Tuesday Mornings

9:00 am MDT

Learn new ways to grow your business every week!
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Webinar ID: 149 338 9588

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Telarus suppliers offer our partners exclusive training’s. Check our Back Office and join in!

UK Partners
Monthly Thursday Call

3:00 PM BST (GMT+1)

Join us each month as we cover a vast array of topics presented to our telecom agents on promotions, contests, best practices, events and new supplier additions.

The Telarus Innovation Conference enables technology professionals to maximize their profit potential with innovative business development ideas for their company.

Hosted by Telarus in conjunction with suppliers, the event focuses on overcoming the real-world challenges of establishing a recurring-revenue UC, SD-WAN, and cloud practice. Featuring industry expert analyses, working in teams on case studies, and fun networking, you will learn how to use our tools and resources to grow your business. Register for the next Telarus Innovation Conference by selecting your region at the top of this page and clicking through to the next posted event.

President’s Club

2020 President’s Club Will Be Taking the Top Producers on 4 day Dream Vacation in St. Lucia March 7-10 in 2021!
As a Telarus partner, there are multiple ways to qualify for our elite President’s Club. Review the information below to learn how to qualify. But, hurry… the supplier sponsored trips are limited!

More Details
16 weeks of education and prizes

2020 Partner Summit is now Race to the Summit- Season 2

Due to the current situations surrounding COVID-19, Partner Summit in Nashville has been cancelled. While we are sad to not be able to see all of our partners and suppliers as planned, we are thrilled to announce that those event resources have been redirected to our Race to the Summit- Season 2. Season 1 has been a great success and we are taking feedback from partners ans suppliers and the newly reallocated resources to make an incredible and epic season 2 of this fun and educational partner competition. More prizes, more winners, more entertainment, better content. Join in as we kick off the second season on August 12th. Your participation each week gets you in a weekly prize raffle. Earn points for completing activities and you could be in the top 10 where each individual will walk away with at least $1,000 in prizes and one grand prize winner of $25K or a 3-year Tesla lease, happening December 2nd.

I have never worked with a team of professionals that have such a high level of integrity, honesty and so truly interested in helping me grow my business to meet and exceed my goals. I am honored to be a part of the Telarus family!

Tim O'RourkeTelepoint Communications | Telarus Agent Since 2003
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