Telarus is on a mission to come to you and arm you with new skills, tools, and networking opportunities by hosting hundreds of fun and creative events all over the country.

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2019 Schedule


Bootcamp- Contact Center 15-Jan Boston, MA
Bootcamp- Contact Center 16-Jan New York
Bootcamp- Contact Center 17-Jan Philadelphia, PA
Bootcamp- Contact Center 18-Jan VA
Avaya Engage 20-Jan Austin, TX
IT Expo 28-Jan Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bootcamp- Security 31-Jan Stamford, CT


Bootcamp- Mobility13-FebN. California, TX

Bootcamp- Mobility13-FebN. California

Bootcamp- Security 5-Feb San Diego, CA
Bootcamp- Security 6-Feb Houston, TX
Bootcamp- Security 7-Feb Dallas, TX
Bootcamp- Mobility 13-Feb N. California
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 19-Feb Chicago, IL
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 21-Feb Ohio
Telarus Partner Advisory Councils 25-Feb Salt Lake City, UT
Bootcamp- Security 26-Feb Los Angeles, CA
Bootcamp- Security 28-Feb Seattle, WA
Bootcamp- Cloud 28-Feb NYC, NY


Telarus Innovation Conference 5-Mar VA/ DC
Bootcamp- Security 6-Mar San Antonio, TX
Regional Telarus Innovation Conference 7-Mar Atlanta, GA
Bootcamp- Security 7-Mar Austin, TX
Telarus Innovation Conference 12-Mar Portland, OR
Regional Telarus Innovation Conference 14-Mar Houston, TX
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 19-Mar Salt Lake City, UT
President’s Club 2018 21-Mar Havana, Cuba
Golf Tournament 28-Mar San Francisco, CA


Bootcamp- Cloud 4-Apr Denver, CO
Channel Partners 9-Apr Las Vegas, NV
Bootcamp- Security 17-Apr San Antonio, TX
Bootcamp- Security 18-Apr Boston, MA
Bootcamp- Security 18-Apr Dallas, TX
Golf Tournament 23-Apr Newport, CA
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 23-Apr Atlanta, GA
Bootcamp- Contact Center 24-Apr Northern CA
Telarus Innovation Conference 30-Apr Minneapolis, MN
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 25-Apr Tampa, FL
Bootcamp- Cloud 30-Apr Orange County, CA


Telarus Innovation Conference 7-May Denver, CO
Bootcamp- Contact Center 7-May Milwaukee, WI
Bootcamp- Security 7-May New Orleans
Anniversary Surf Event 8-May San Diego, CA
Telarus Innovation Conference 9-May San Diego, CA
Bootcamp- Security 9-May Greenville SC or Greensboro NC
Bootcamp- Contact Center 9-May Ohio
Bootcamp- Contact Center 9-May SLC, UT
Golf Tournament 14-May Atlanta or Pursell Farms, AL
Regional Telarus Innovation Conference 16-May Seattle, WA
Telarus Innovation Conference 23-May New Hampshire
Telarus Innovation Conference 23-May Charlotte, NC


Golf Tournament 3-Jun Columbus, Ohio
Bootcamp- Contact Center 4-Jun Austin, TX
Bootcamp- Contact Center 6-Jun Houston, TX
Bootcamp- Contact Center 6-Jun Phoenix, AZ
Telarus Innovation Conference 18-Jun Louisville, KY
Bootcamp- Contact Center 11-Jun Raleigh, NC
Telarus Innovation Conference 13-Jun Bay Area, CA
Bootcamp- Contact Center 13-Jun Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Telarus Innovation Conference 18-Jun NYC, NY
Telarus Innovation Conference 20-Jun Dallas, TX
Regional Telarus Innovation Conference 25-Jun Newport, CA


Telarus Innovation Conference 9-Jul Philadelphia, PA
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 10-Jul San Antonio, TX
Telarus Innovation Conference 11-Jul St. Louis, MO
Bootcamp- Security 11-Jul Denver, CO
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 11-Jul Dallas, TX
Bootcamp- Security 16-Jul Portland, OR
Bootcamp- Security 18-Jul North CA
Bootcamp- Contact Center 23-Jul Los Angeles, CA
Bootcamp- Cloud 24-Jul Austin, TX
Bootcamp- Cloud 25-Jul Houston, TX


Telarus Partner Summit 7-10-Aug Aurora, CO
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 27-Aug Seattle, WA
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 29-Aug Portland, OR
Bootcamp- Contact Center 29-Aug Chicago, IL


Channel Partners Evolution 9-Sep DC
Golf Tournament 18-Sep Salt Lake City, UT
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 18-Sep Austin, TX
Telarus Innovation Conference 19-Sep Milwaukee, WI
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 19-Sep Houston, TX
Golf Tournament 23-Sep Foxwood, CT
Telarus Innovation Conference 26-Sep Birmingham, AL


Telarus Partner Advisory Councils 7-Oct Snowbird, UT
Bootcamp- Cloud 8-Oct Los Angeles, CA
Telarus Innovation Conference 8-Oct Westport, CT
Telarus Innovation Conference 8-Oct Charleston, SC
Bootcamp- Cloud 8-Oct Los Angeles, CA
Bootcamp- Contact Center 9-Oct San Antonio, TX
Telarus Innovation Conference 10-Oct Nashville, TN
Bootcamp- Cloud 10-Oct Phoenix, AZ
Bootcamp- Contact Center 10-Oct Dallas , TX
Golf Tournament 14-Oct Dallas, TX
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 15-Oct Boston, MA
Bootcamp- Security 15-Oct Atlanta, GA
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 16-Oct New York, NY
Regional Telarus Innovation Conference 17-Oct Chicago, IL
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 17-Oct Philadelphia, PA
Bootcamp- Mobility/IOT 18-Oct Ashburn, VA
Telarus Innovation Conference 22-Oct Los Angeles, CA
Telarus Innovation Conference 22-Oct Salt Lake City, UT
Telarus Innovation Conference 24-Oct Austin, TX
Telarus Innovation Conference 29-Oct Phoenix, AZ


Telarus Innovation Conference 5-Nov Tampa, FL
Bootcamp- Contact Center 5-Nov Denver, CO
Bootcamp- Contact Center 7-Nov Seattle, WA
Telarus Innovation Conference 7-Nov Boston/Newport
Launch Event 7-Nov Toronto, Canada
Bootcamp- Security 12-Nov Philadelphia or Balitimore
Telarus Innovation Conference 14-Nov Bay Area, CA
Telarus Innovation Conference 14-Nov Ohio
Bootcamp- Cloud 14-Nov Phoenix, AZ
Bootcamp- Security 14-Nov VA/DC
Bootcamp- Contact Center 19-Nov Birmingham, AL
Bootcamp- Contact Center 21-Nov New Orleans or Little Rock


Regional Telarus Innovation Conference 11-Dec NYC, NY


Telarus hosts webinars throughout the month to provide up-to-date education and information on an ever-changing industry. The Telarus Tuesday Call is the most consistent and well-known of these webinars. It is a weekly webinar with a vast array of topics presented to our telecom agents on promotions, contests, best practices, events, and new carrier additions.

Tuesday Mornings

9:00 a.m. MDT

Learn new ways to grow your business every week!
Dial: (312) 263 0281 >
Webinar ID: 149 338 9588

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Telarus suppliers offer our partners exclusive training’s. Check our Back Office and join in!

Contact Center/UCaaS

The Telarus CC/UC team hosts a series of four webinars that occur biweekly to help you become more comfortable prospecting & selling in the rapidly growing Contact Center and UCaaS markets.

VXSupportLine Trainings

Every Thursday at 11 am MST and 1 pm MST
VXSupportLine is a tool to test the voice quality from the customer’s computer. Learn about specific UCaaS service providers, how to position their services, and how they are unique to the needs of your customers.

The Telarus Innovation Conference enables technology professionals to maximize their profit potential with innovative business development ideas for their company.

Hosted by Telarus in conjunction with suppliers, the event focuses on overcoming the real-world challenges of establishing a recurring-revenue UC, SD-WAN, and cloud practice. Featuring industry expert analyses, working in teams on case studies, and fun networking, you will learn how to use our tools and resources to grow your business. Register for the next Telarus Innovation Conference by selecting your region at the top of this page and clicking through to the next posted event.

President’s Club

2018 President’s Club Will Be Taking the Top Producers on a 4 Night Key West and Cuba Cruise!
As a Telarus partner, there are multiple ways to qualify for our elite President’s Club. Review the information below to learn how to qualify. But, hurry… the supplier sponsored trips are limited!

More Details
2019 Venue Announced!

Join us August 11-14, 2020 in Nashville, TN

The pinnacle event of the year is hosted annually by Telarus. Bringing together hundreds of partners and the best of breed suppliers for a week in beautiful luxury locations, 2020 will continue to astound.  Take a closer look and see for yourself why your business needs you to attend the next Telarus Partner Summit.

I have never worked with a team of professionals that have such a high level of integrity, honesty and so truly interested in helping me grow my business to meet and exceed my goals. I am honored to be a part of the Telarus family!

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