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Managing Risk with Precision

At the core of our discussions around cybersecurity, we’re delving into the management of risk. A truly effective cybersecurity strategy stems from astute risk management, constantly evolving and improving in a never-ending cycle.

Your Reliable Ally in Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

The landscape of threats is constantly shifting, as are the associated risks. Therefore, cybersecurity management is not something you set up and then disregard. A solid risk management foundation is built on five vital steps:

  1. Identification of Key Assets
  2. Estimation of Key Assets’ Value
  3. Analysis of Potential Damage or Loss to Assets
  4. Estimation of Possible Loss or Harm to Assets
  5. Prioritizing Mitigation Actions for Implementation

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), established in 1901, has provided a plethora of standards and benchmarks for diverse organizations and sectors. They developed a cybersecurity framework designed to foster a flexible approach for organizations to adopt, manage, evaluate, and uniformly discuss cybersecurity. This cybersecurity program framework assists organizations in establishing a potent cybersecurity plan and aligns seamlessly with business objectives and parlance.

Telarus employs the NIST cybersecurity framework to classify suppliers and, more critically, to assist our partners in demonstrating thought leadership to their clientele. By using the language of this framework (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover), our partners can more effectively determine the phase of a customer’s lifecycle and provide solutions for each stage. Allow our seasoned cybersecurity professionals at Telarus to support you in delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions to your clients and boost your revenue growth!

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