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New Contact Center, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing vendor selection matrices to increase the speed and accuracy of complex solution design for over 4,000 cloud brokers worldwide

July 3, 2018

BOCA RATON, FL — Telarus LLC, master agent of business data, voice, and cloud services, today announced that it had launched three new complex cloud solution design tools for its partners to use when helping their clients select best-of-breed cloud computing, contact center, and cyber security providers. In addition to these three new tools, Telarus also announced new upgrades to two of its other core tools: Unified Communications Matrix 2.0 and SD-WAN Matrix 2.0.  Using the new “quick filter” functions available in the 2.0 version of the matrices, Telarus partners can quickly pare down the number of providers that match a customer’s specific criteria with a single click.

“When recommending Cloud-based services to clients, it’s easy to make a mistake,” said Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “With the number of options available, multiplied by the number of service providers, the amount of information a cloud broker must sift through to make the right recommendations is mind-blowing. Our three new matrices, combined with enhancements to our two existing matrices, are powerful tools that will help our partner base make better recommendations, speed up the vendor selection process, and increase the level of trust their clients place in them. With the development of these new tools, we are continuing to pioneer the definition of what a master agent can – and should -do for its sales partners.”

The complete “Matrix Portfolio” of cloud selection tools now includes:

  • Unified Communications Matrix 2.0 – see which providers offer platform as a service, international services, and month-to-month contracts
  • SD-WAN Matrix 2.0 – see which providers include firewall functionality, provide dedicated connectivity to popular cloud computing data centers, and offer all-you-can-eat pricing models
  • Cloud Computing Matrix 1.0 – see which providers offer popular products like DRaaS, DaaS, and more
  • Cyber Security Matrix 1.0 – see which providers offer DDoS, SEIM, anti-virus, endpoint protection, and other managed services
  • Contact Center Matrix 1.0 – see which providers offer chatbots, workforce optimization, and more

“If there is a common theme amongst our new technology releases, it’s transparency,” added Patrick Oborn, co-founder of Telarus and original creator of Telarus’ technology back and front ends. “Throughout our history, we’ve invested heavily in technology that allows our sales partners to have access to information in a simple, streamlined way so that they can get back to their customers faster. Speed is everything in sales; customers don’t want to wait around for pricing, contracts, order status updates, circuit performance metrics, etc. These new matrices will improve the speed at which our partners can quote, as they’ll be able to narrow down the field in just seconds, cutting days off of the sales cycle and setting themselves apart from their competitors.”

The new technology was revealed by Telarus co-founders Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn to their partners at Telarus’ worldwide Partner Exchange held at the Boca Raton Resort on June 21, 2018.  It is the first worldwide gathering of Telarus partners since it came together with CarrierSales in late 2017.

“We believe this technology allows our partners to work smarter, not harder,” added Richard Murray, COO and co-owner of Telarus. “Our goal as a company is to continually increase the visibility our partners have access to with regards to availability, pricing, and inter-cloud integration, while at the same time hiring industry-leading experts to assist them with complex projects. We want our partners to be more efficient, sell more, and achieve levels of success that they won’t be able to find working with one of our peers. Above all else, we know our partners by name and value the relationships we’ve built with them during the past 16 years. Creating a steady stream of new tools for them to use is a huge privilege for us.”

If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage Telarus’ award-winning software tools to help grow your cloud brokerage practice, please visit our website at or call our new partner hotline at 877-346-3232.

About Telarus
Built for You, Telarus is the largest privately-held technology services distributor (master agent) in the United States. Our dynamic agent-partner community sources data, voice, cloud, and managed services through our robust portfolio of 160 leading service providers. We are best known for our home-grown software pricing tools and mobile apps that are unique in the industry. To help our partners grow their businesses, we’ve assembled the best support organization in the industry, which includes SD-WAN, Cloud, mobility, contact center, and ILEC specialty practices whose primary goal is to help our partners identify and design the right technology solutions for their customers. To learn more about the Telarus opportunity, please visit, or follow us on Twitter @Telarus.