Telarus Releases the First Phase of SolutionVue™ to its Technology Advisors: Cybersecurity Quick Solution Assessments

May 17, 2022

Telarus unveils SolutionVue™, a suite of next-gen white-labeled design tools packed with private insights that its community of 4,000+ independent technology advisors and brokers can use in front of clients to build credible and future-proofed Cybersecurity solutions.

May 17, 2022 – Sandy, UT – Telarus, the #1 Technology Solutions Brokerage (TSB), announced today that it launched ‘SolutionVue™, a next-generation suite of white-labeled online engineering tools that its network of over 4,000 technology advisors can leverage in front of their clients. The first module, released today, is the Cybersecurity ‘Quick Solution Assessment’ (aka, “QSA”). Telarus partners can quickly determine their client’s cybersecurity needs via a series of targeted and responsive (based on inputs) questions. The QSA module released today works for Telarus advisors residing in all geographic areas serviced by the company.

SolutionVue™ will compile insights and develop a specific action plan that includes supplier recommendations, education, and quantified business risk. The result will ensure the design of an elegant technology solution that considers the pertinent attack vectors first and offers the most “bang” for the Cybersecurity buck. The QSA output is delivered, in Microsoft Word format, to the advisor and then within 5 seconds of the QSA completion. Ultimately, SolutionVue™ will ensure technology advisors have the confidence and the advanced tools needed to expand their discussions across emerging and established technologies in the marketplace.

“Telarus has always been the leader in tool development,” said Patrick Oborn, Chief Product Officer for Telarus and patent-holder of GeoQuote®. “From the day we started this company, we’ve looked to software to help our technology advisors find the answers to technology infrastructure questions. Today, with the launch of SolutionVue™, we are excited to continue that tradition. Kudos to our software development and solution architect teams for infusing their many years of experience and Cybersecurity knowledge into this, the first module in the SolutionVue™ family.”

“SolutionVue™ is going to be an absolute game-changer in this industry,” added Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “We’ve found that many advisors struggle to find the right words and questions to pose to a client when they’re addressing a technology solution that they don’t have a great deal of experience selling. The SolutionVue™ Cybersecurity QSA removes the guesswork and allows partners to provide the right advice, every time.”

Richard Murray, COO and Co-owner of Telarus, stated “SolutionVue™ allows our partners to work smarter, not harder. Our goal as a company is to continue increasing the resources our partners have access to with regards to online tools while at the same time hiring industry-leading experts to assist them with complex opportunities. We want our partners to be more efficient, sell more, look more credible in front of their clients, and achieve levels of success that they won’t be able to work alone or with one of our peers.”

For more information about SolutionVue™, please visit us at If you are interested in learning more about how you can sign up to become a Technology Advisor, powered by Telarus’ SolutionVue™, please visit our website at or call our new partner hotline at 877-346-3232.

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