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Every third week of the month, our Tuesday Partner Call theme is “New Supplier Spotlight.” We are happy to present CallMiner, Tellennium, and APX Net as the three new suppliers to the Telarus supplier portfolio.  Here are some highlights that were featured during the Tuesday Partner Call.

About CallMiner

Founded in a small office in Cape Coral, FL, in 2002 by Jeff Gallino, they’ve been working on conversation intelligence since their inception. In 2019, CallMiner received a $75 million investment from Goldman Sachs to power future growth. They now have 11 patents, over 400 employees, more than 500 customers, and 50+ partners. 

CallMiner strives to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and its customers. From product and research to finance and human resources, they’ve built a team that brings extensive knowledge and years of hands-on expertise to every department. 

CallMiner at a Glance

CallMiner Conversational Analytics Differences.

  • The Most Accurate speech-to-text and most extensive language support 
    • Including support for Spanish and English 
  • CallMiner contract value retires Microsoft Azure Contract Commitment
  • AI-Driven
    • Organic Discovery 
    • Search and Analysis
    • Call Summarization 
    • Redaction – PCI, PII, and PHI 
  • Unsurpassed Analytical Depth 
    • Advanced search capabilities 
      • Included/excluded language 
      • Proximity/distance 
      • Semantic building blocks 
      • Boolean logic with robust filtering 
  • 200+ pre-built content focused on use cases such as CX, Billing, Retention, Sales, and more 
  • OmniChannel 
    • Audio 
    • Chat 
    • Video 
    • SMS 
    • Email 
    • Surveys 
    • Social Media 
    • Reviews 
  • OVTS – Open Voice Transcription Standard enables support for any Speech to Text engine 
    • Nuance, MSFT, DeepGram, AlloMedia, Google, Amazon, IBM Watson, NTT, AppTek, voci, and Callbi are already supported. 
  • Fully manual to fully automated scorecards 

To learn more about CallMiner, visit 

Tellennium is an expense management firm founded by telecom veteran Greg McIntyre in 1999. The company delivers significant time and money savings for mid and large-sized firms through a digital transformation of automating accounts payable workflows, capturing the details into a mine-able database, monitoring, auditing, and tracking changes. The business began as an objective telecom consulting firm for enterprise systems and services and, upon releasing Tellennium’s Integrated Management System (TIMS™) in January 2002, experienced significant growth. Tellennium is one of the very few companies to have been on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies eleven years in a row. TIMS™ and its associated processes now encompass the capability of any expense, service, and asset.

Tellennium specializes in complex environments – especially those amid change (e.g., merger, acquisition, growth, location shifts). Without a comprehensive digital platform and process, invoices can be lost; disconnections occur, and billing complexity and inaccuracy can spiral into significant expense and labor exposure. Tellennium’s dynamic software, proven processes, and actionable reporting provide proactive notifications and real-time inventory of services, assets, devices, and charges in a SaaS database with granular detail.  

The company is a Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) member, which has a signed Code of Ethics. Tellennium is a BBB member with an A+ Rating, a member of the Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA), and a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Mobility Management Service (MMS) Industry Pioneer. The company is privately held (not a private equity firm) and based in Louisville, Kentucky. 

A comprehensive expense management solution for MoT - Management of Things
The Tellennium Difference

To learn more about Tellennium, visit 

APX Net is a nationwide Internet provider to enterprise and wholesale business customers offering fiber-optic Ethernet services. They design and deliver complex network solutions for Business Internet, WAN, and Private Line services. They are a privately held, debt-free company servicing thousands of locations across North America. 

Its history began in 2001, not long after the legacy telecom industry opened to competitors and the drive to deliver better and faster network technologies ramped up. Solving customer problems instead of simply taking orders was now a real possibility. 

  • Establishing and growing competitive service providers to offer alternatives to incumbents 
  • Leveraging new, more cost-effective technologies, such as Carrier Ethernet over Fiber, to build flexible Wide Area Networks 
  • Enabling new partnerships, such as the first network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) stitching together cable company networks for broader coverage
  • Solving business challenges, such as billing and buildout costs, that enterprises have when working with telecom providers 

Who Is APX Net? 

Data Provider 

  • Dedicated Services  
  • Delivered over Fiber Optics 
  • Type I DIA circuits only 
  • Broadband & Fixed Wireless Backup options  

Target Markets 

  • Med/Large & Enterprise 
  • Large & Complex Networks 
  • Multi-Locations  
  • Clients who can never be w/o connectivity 

APX Net Offerings

Data Services 

  • Dedicated Internet 
  • SD-Internet 
  • Private Lines 
  • Wide Area Networks 
    • SD-WAN 
    • Ethernet 
    • MPLS 
  • 10Mbps – 100Gbps Services 
  • Redundant Last Miles & Long-Haul Planning  
  • Managed Equipment 
Type I vs Type II Circuits

To learn more about Tellennium, visit

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