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The May 14th Telarus Tuesday call brought Vonage vice president, Kevin Thomsen, to discuss the value proposition and the technical elements of their very unique and award-winning product and company.

Why Vonage?

Vonage is different in its approach. They are powered by One Vonage, their innovation engine. Their Communications API Platform is the innovation engine across all of the Vonage solution stacks. The ownership of their own communications API platform allows them to rapidly innovate across their packaged UC and CC applications and pass along those benefits to you, the customers. This all enables them to own all our IP and roadmap. Vonage is the only Cloud communications provider capable of making that claim.

Below you can view the stack Vonage owns and that you can benefit from, all the way from a global carrier network, to packaged UC/CC applications, and programmable APIs. In addition, Vonage can integrate with all the CRM and business applications that are prevalent in your organization.

No matter where your business customers are as a company, Vonage can meet their communication needs. Start with what they need today. With Vonage’s platform, your customers can seamlessly add applications as needed, all managed from a single stack. So, why Vonage?

  • A trusted partner with extensive Cloud Communications experience and proven solutions.
  • Only Cloud Communications provider with an integrated stack, wholly-owned IP, and rapid innovation capability.
  • 99.999% reliability delivered on carrier-strength network.
  • Rapid implementation
  • Future-proof solution to meet your current and future needs.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Partner with Vonage

It pays to partner with Vonage.

  • Teaming+
    • Vonage is committed to teaming with their partners
    • Their Direct Sales Team is incented to team on deals with you
    • Assigned Vonage Channel Manager, Account Executives, and System Engineers
  • Deal protection
    • Peace of mind to close deals by registering with them
  • Competitive pricing and volume discounts
    • Flexible pricing and discounts to ensure you don’t lose a deal
  • Unlimited upside potential
    • Continued upsells from their client services team increase your residuals

Grow more, faster!

  • 360-degree Pre-and-Post-Sales Support
    • Stay ahead of the technology curve with live and on-demand training and certifications
    • Easy access to sales, engineering and support teams throughout the sales cycle
  • Increased focus on customer retention and growth
    • Fast customer onboarding, installation and service delivery

Below you can get a glance at the proprietary technology Vonage has built from the ground up to manage customer health and satisfaction proactively. This homegrown microservices-based architecture with modern User Interface is purpose-built to give their operations and customer-facing teams unified access to customer health across multiple vectors like registration, call volume and quality, tickets, device alerts, etc. It is designed for Enterprise customers and provides a proactive way to monitor and manage customer health for accounts of all sizes. This translates into increased revenue protection and growth for Vonage partners.

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